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Dear New & Long-Time GetWell Friends, Alike

Natural Hygiene Shows You...

#1: How to Remove the Causes of Diseasee...

#2: How to Provide the Conditions for Health...

#3: Without Drug & Doctor Dependency & with Self-Responsibility!

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The World's Only... "Nature Cure Raw Food Health Retreat!"

As you take "Your Great Adventure & Ride" through the many meanderings of The GetWellStayWell, America! BUTTONS, you will soon discover that Natural Hygiene as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System" is The 10-Point Program that educates us as to "How to GetWell & StayWell without Drug & Doctor Dependency."

This website carries THE LARGEST SELECTION of Natural Hygiene material anywhere.

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Director Victoria BidWell    Our Best Bedrock Teachings
Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at College of Life Science
Ph.D. in Natural Hygiene at University of Natural Health
Ed.D. in Natural Hygiene at City University of Los Angeles

Director of Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods nestled into The Cascade Mountains of Concrete, Washington, USA & providing Natural Hygiene Education with learn & live assistance to Global Health Seekers...

Correct Natural Hygiene Health Educator who consults with & works with Our 3 Dr. Shelton-trained Texas Doctors: Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano & Dr. Tosca Haag & Dr. Greg Haag at... bestblog4correctnaturalhygiene. See Autobiographical Sketches of Our 3 Texas Doctors & Victoria.

Author of Highest-Ever Acclaimed, Do-It-Yourself Hand Book on Natural Hygiene, endorsed by all top Natural Hygiene Doctors of the 1980s and 1990s at...

"With Susan Schenck" author of Highest-Ever Acclaimed, Do-It-Yourself Raw Foods Hand Book: THE LIVE FOOD FACTOR: with more than 100 archived, electronic newsletters for all Health Seekers who free-subscribe at...

Marketeer of Largest-Ever Amassed Selection of prized Natural Hygiene Information: 1,000 booklet, book, course, magazine, CD & DVD TITLES TO COME at...

Deliverer of Gift Natural Hygiene Information to Global Health Seekers who free-subscribe at...

Book Archeologist for & Curator of Largest-Ever Natural Hygiene & Nature Cure Library: "The Dr. Vetrano Rare Books Library" gifted to Victoria by Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano. See the story of "How Came to Be & Got Its Name."

Partner in writing a 600-page book with Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano & Drs. Tosca & Greg Haag... WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN'T KNOW! See "The Table of Contents" & prospectus for this book.

"Let's Go Back-to-Nature" & "Save The Planet from The Disease Industrialists" Advocate: hoping to share her 2 Homesteads, education, experience, gratitude & FUN with you! See Victoria's 1st website with tons of gift Hygiene information at...