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Fifty Algae Stories of Hope, Health and Freedom By Dr. Lisa C. Moore, D.C.

Dear GetWell StayWell Friends!

If I were to run off to a quiet place with my computer and my Blue Green DownLine case histories, I could prepare a much needed book such as this in 2 weeks only it would be a book wherein the case histories were from Hygienists, of course! This Dr. Moore has done an admirable job of documenting case histories of Very Happy Algae Eaters. The Health Seekers in this book are not Hygienists nonetheless, their "PEAK ALGAE EXPERIENCES" are noteworthy, remarkable, heart-warming, and definitely worth sharing! Following are the highlights...

Presented & Edited by Victoria BidWell & Written by an Upliner

From GetWell StayWell, America! An Independent Distributor #121593-121602

LINDA, age 47 BEFORE THE ALGAE: suffered with impaired heart function, pain with walking, drooling, shaking, and rigid and stooped posture that left her in a wheelchair. She was sleeping 14 hours a day. Linda was deserted by The Medical World, and she searched for alternatives. AFTER THE ALGAE: Linda is now... "The Picture of Radiant Health!" Linda admits to a slight tremor when she is nervous. Other than that, she has returned to her hunting, fishing, oil painting, and fully active life! She rides her horse ecstatically, she walks effortlessly, and she runs freely!

KATIA, age 91 BEFORE THE ALGAE: When Katia fell and broke her hip, she lost her independence, stamina, and strength. She deteriorated after this accident both physically and mentally. She dropped to 80 pounds. She began to fail to recognize family members. She became depressed and just wanted to die. AFTER THE ALGAE: Katia's grandson talked his mother into slipping some Super Blue Green Algae into Katia's prune juice on a regular basis and giving her all the love he could. Katia's digestive irregularity improved. Her constipation ended. Her depression was replaced with a positive outlook once again! She recognized everyone who visited her. She spent many hours recalling fond memories with her loved ones. She began to rebuild her frame. When she passed on, it was with mental clarity intact, with dignity.

SANDY, mid-age BEFORE THE ALGAE: her body "fell apart." Her eyes watered, her nose ran, her lungs built-up with mucous, and she coughed. She was plagued with low energy, and her sleep was interrupted throughout with coughing. AFTER THE ALGAE: Sandy's allergy symptoms had lessened in just one week. She had no more discharge from her eyes, nose, or lungs! After 4 weeks, her lungs were completely clear! She sleeps throughout the night. She has ample energy for her life's needs. She has resumed vigorous exercise. She feels alive and joyful, optimistic and hopeful!

DOROTHY, adult age DURING HER ALGAE YEARS AND FOLLOWING AN OPERATION: her doctor told her she would need at least 4 months to recover, as she had lost nearly half of her blood volume. Dorothy upped her Algae eating routine from the recommended modest amount to 50 - 100 Alpha/Omega a day; and she saw immediate improvement. "Super Blue Green Algae is a superior source of chlorophyll, which is similar to hemoglobin, and Vitamin B-12, which is important for the metabolism of iron. Both are essential for building rich, new blood." Dorothy's improvement was rapid. She was back to full-time work in only 3 and 1/2 weeks, (instead of 4 months)!

BONNIE, age 28 BEFORE THE ALGAE: her body had developed a chronic and progressive deterioration of the nervous system. She ultimately became housebound and bedridden. She sought relief through a variety of therapies: traditional, alternative, and even bizarre. AFTER THE ALGAE: "It was as if my life suddenly lit up with light! Nothing else had ever generated such an impact on my energy, stamina, physical strength, mental clarity, and ability to cope with stress." Her celebration moment came when she walked the mile to work! Previously, she had to ride to this part-time job. Today, Bonnie has resumed her stretching program! She walks quickly! She climbs up and down stairs rapidly! She dances! She runs! And she offers nutritional and wholistic health consultations for people suffering from degenerative, neurological conditions. Of course, Super Blue Green Algae is an important part of this counseling

MADALYN, adult age BEFORE THE ALGAE: suffered with chronic fatigue. AFTER THE ALGAE: within 3 months, she had more energy and greater well-being than ever!!!

MADALYN'S FATHER, BEFORE THE ALGAE: had bone distress and a serious prostate condition that had already spread to other parts of his body. He was unable to keep food down and had lost 30 pounds. AFTER LARGE AMOUNTS OF ALGAE ADDED TO HIS FRESH JUICES: He is... "alive, alert, and flourishing!" And back at work!






YES, VICTORIA! Please send me _____ copies of Fifty Algae Stories of Hope, Health, and Freedom for $15.oo postpaid. SEND IT NOW! Total Enclosed: $____________.


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