"What Inspiration Does

Victoria Have to Offer

to Get Me Exercising?"

Table of Contents

The "Table of Contents" for Exercise Inspiration PAGE 1

Fun-Out! ~ not work-out... Think on These Things PAGE 2

2 Messages of The Millennium: "Eat RAW!" & "Keep Moving!" PAGE 3

Stretching Inspiration! & Signs of Aging PAGE 4

The Fight-or-Flight Response Chart PAGE 5

Dr. Hans Selye's "The Fight-or-Flight Response" & Stretching Bad Signs of Over-Stress & Good Signs to Stretch! A Checklist PAGE 6

Being "FLEXIBLE" means . . . PAGE 7

Behold The Living Temple! PAGE 8

A BIG PUSH for Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise PAGE 9

Splashing Joys . . . for The Warm Water Enthusiast! PAGE 10

Dr. Shelton's Inspirational Quotes for Regular Exercise PAGE 11

CLICK ON the..."What Is Natural Hygiene via THE HEALTH REPORTS?" Button and "HEALTH REPORT #11" for a breakdown of the 3 forms of recommended exercise STRETCHING, AEROBICS & WEIGHT-TRAINING and the definitions and benefits of each. Also, see "The Wonderful Psychology of Regular Exercise!"

CLICK ON the..."Why Is The Health Seekers' YearBook So Important?" Button and "Chapter Three: More on Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise." This is a detailed chapter, with a complete stretching routine and weight-training program for The Health Seeker, with much information on The Lymphatic System, Set Point, Circulation, Endorphins, and an "Exercise Log."

CLICK ON the..."The BookList" Button and the [age for the "EXERCISEWELL & STAYWELL!" Library with offerings categorized under the following: EXERCISE IN GENERAL, AEROBICS, LYMPHASIZING & REBOUNDING, STRENGTH-TRAINING and STRETCHING!

CLICK ON the..."Who Is Captain HighJoy America?" Button for HighJoy's article on Page 8: "Make Many Tracks!" See, also the follow-up article on Page 9: "Make Happy Tracks!"

CLICK ON the..."How Are 'The 10 Energy Enhancers' as Found in The YearBook the Same as 'The 10 Commandments of Health' as Found in Scripture?" Button for Victoria's Spiritual Healing in The Wilderness of Canada in 1998 and 1999, during which time she was physically active 8 - 14 hours a day in Extraordinary Exercise!

CLICK ON the..."How Does The Health Seeker Lose Weight with Natural Hygiene?" Button for Victoria's 100-Pound BURN-OFF Story and Exercise Tips beyond the Ordinary!



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