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Natural Hygiene Contraband for The American Health Seeker! questions Dr. Vetrano answers: Why does a "cure" in the world of medical science not mean "cured for life"? · Precisely why does one feel good or even better when eating and drinking "wrong" foods from The SAD Diet or when taking medication? · Do you approve of yogurt, clabber, or sour milk? · How should I steam my vegetables? · Considering only biochemistry, physiology, and/or nutrition, what is the basis for the objection to meat as a food for man? · Please recommend the best times for exercising, resting, and bathing in relationship to meals? · Are nut butters beneficial? · Despite The SAD Diet, with the processing and the additives, statistics show that people are living longer and better than ever! Please explain. · Are salt and pepper really harmful? · What is the difference if I eat an orange or a tomato that gives me vitamin C or if I take a natural supplement or extract of the same fruits? · Also, if I eat fish and get vitamins E, A, and D from fish? Or if I take fish oil capsules made from the same fish? · How can this Italian get away without using bread? · What hot foods are permitted on The Hygienic Diet? It's below freezing here! · Why shouldn't Hygienists use herb teas? · I am trying to feed my baby according to Dr. Shelton's teachings; but recently I was told that my baby should have blended salads, nut butters, and fruit juices. I don't know what to do. · Explain the meaning of the word "ash" in relation to the organic minerals contained in the foods we eat. How do minerals become ash? · Explain what is meant by "oxidation" when food is exposed to air and when food is ingested. · What is your preferred way of rehydrating dried foods? · Are spices harmful? · What about grains and bread in the diet? · When pregnant or nursing, are two meals a day sufficient? How many ounces of nuts is advisable? · How do you feed a 2 year old nuts? She doesn't chew them well. Is sweetened nut milk acceptable? · If pregnant while nursing, am I safe to continue nursing all through my pregnancy and then nurse both afterwards? · My kids aren't fond of lettuce. Any suggestions? · Can poor eyesight be improved with a fast? If not, what will help?· What happens to the body while fasting? · To what extent may periodontitis be reversed by fasting? · Besides those who don't have the body reserves, what are other reasons why some people should not fast? · What benefits would a person receive by fasting one day a week? · What is the main objection to a young person, without an illness, fasting for a month, or even to completion, at home? · Why are Hygienic practitioners so insistent on water fasting as opposed to juice fasting? · Isn't it better to take an aspirin to rid oneself of pain than to not take it and suffer the exhausting pain? · How can I get rid of wrinkles? · Please define "cholesterol," and tell us how it harms the body. · I have a cold! And I hate it! What is The Hygienic Method of dealing with aching sinus headaches and congestion? · Do acid fruits dissolve the enamel of teeth? · I've developed vaginal problems dryness and tenderness. Can you help me? · What are "spider veins," and how do I get rid of them? · Why do I have trouble with my digestion? Why does my stomach always seem bloated? · Can fasting overcome sterility? · Is the oral contraceptive harmful? · Regarding the menopause and premenopause, what is considered to be normal in the Hygienist? · Do you mean to say that it is "unhealthy" to menstruate? · What do you recommend for natural laxatives? · How often should I have a bowel movement? · What is the Hygienic position on dietary fibers? · Is flannel good material? What are the best materials for garments? · How does an Hygienist clean his dentures? · Would a sunlamp be beneficial in the North where there is very little winter sun? · How harmful is the repeated us of chlorinated swimming pools? · If suntan lotions are taboo, how can I best protect the skin from burning? I swim, water ski, or surf for several hours at a time. ·


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