Letters of The People, for The People, and by The People

for the first issue of... Common Health Sense


YES! Victoria BidWell keeps reinventing herself! YES! She keeps getting better! She has created in Common Health Sense a most innovative way to market Natural Hygiene. A True Pioneer for Health in this Glorious Age of Enlightenment. A Visionary who keeps impeccable company, none other than Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano The High Priestess of Hygiene Purity. Together, these women are an unbeatable tour de force. I keep my copy with me at all times. I give Common Health Sense my highest recommendation! Dr. Douglas Ferrell.

Dear Victoria, After reading The Health Seekers' YearBook and lots of other Hygienic books, I didn't think there was much else that I would learn about Natural Hygiene. But I was wrong! It was very interesting to read in Common Health Sense about Dr. Vetrano's early beginnings as a dancer. And to think, we ALL would have lost out on ALL her wisdom and knowledge of Natural Hygiene if she had chosen to remain a ballerina!

I definitely needed to read the article on Rest and Sleep. I also benefited from reading "Eating Sensationally" and "Eating Only When Genuinely Hungry." These were the very best articles I have ever read on recognizing and getting in touch with TRUE HUNGER. But my favorite section was the "Questions and Answers" by Dr. Vetrano where I picked up so many good tips on food preparation. Congratulations, Victoria and Dr. Vetrano, on the superb job of providing a comprehensive and informative teaching tool for The Natural Hygiene Revolution that will be of benefit to both new and long-term Hygienists! Lisa Hagelthorn.

Hi Victoria! Congratulations on the tremendous job and achievement of putting together and getting out your latest labor of love Common Health Sense. I can just feel your positive and delightful vibrations in it! It was worth waiting for!! You sure have not slowed your pace one bit! Bob Stacey.

Victoria, I am attending to all The 10 Energy Enhancers more conscientiously since studying Common Health Sense. I am really sold and convinced that this is the way to live, and our new magazine makes the healthful living easier! Pat Taylor.

Thank You for all the work you have done for us. The new magazine is very interesting to myself and to so many others! Certainly, there is VICTORY where once there was defeat. How fortunate we are to have the wisdom of Dr. Vetrano! Now I know that there is a reason for every Energy Enhancer, and she makes sure we know it! Penelope Williams.

Dear Victoria, Common Health Sense was a great surprise! Thinking it would be a mere magazine, I expected to leaf through and quickly scan the articles. Instead, there are thorough explanations of how our bodies work and many in-depth answers to many questions. The fear of missing some jewels of wisdom negated my plan to scan! You and Dr.


Vetrano deserve lots of appreciation from us Health Seekers for doing this tremendous job. I, for one, THANK YOU more than I can say. Barbara Titchenal.

Having read through the first issue of Common Health Sense, I send hearty congratulations to you and Dr. Vetrano and thanks to Dr. Shelton for perservering on the path of The Health Revolution so strongly believed in. Your new magazine is full of encouraging information for those of us who are on the path to health and want to continue traveling The Hygiene Joy Way! Get some extra rest for yourself! George Newton.

Dear Victoria, I am seeing stars (and hearts), and they are guiding me straight to The Hygiene Joy Way! Your stirring "call to arms" impelled me to read and immediately to discover the secrets of your enthusiasm and sterling advise! I need the reinforcement of your clear presentations. Because I am one who has to know reasons before taking the grave social risks of abandoning bad habits, I appreciate the Great Common Health Sense of your detailed explanations, some of which I find for the first time in this work. I hope you send a copy to The President of The United States and The First Lady Hillary with a letter introducing your efforts. Dr. Gertrude Dole.

Dear Victoria, I praise your "Common Health Sense!" This is what the world needs now to purify our bodies, minds, and spirits. I have had the urge to help people with The Message and Promise of Natural Hygiene. But I never had the "guts" to do it. Thank You So Much, Jim Leavell.

Dear Victoria, Can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your YearBook and Common Health Sense. I am a Christian Hygienist, trying my best to be better at both. I love your enthusiastic approach all your publications are well-read and well-followed. Also, I want to say how very much I respect and admire Dr. Vetrano's articles, tapes, and teachings in every way. She is a superb example of what we are all striving toward, and I sincerely appreciate her efforts and dedication to the projects you are promoting. Betty.

Victoria, You have outdone yourself with Common Health Sense, as you carry out your promise to spread Hygiene Joy worldwide! If nothing else comes of this wonderful "magazine" than the fact that Hygienists must never allow a so-called "consensus" of liberal practitioners to dilute pure Hygiene, then you've well-served personkind! History tends to erode truths; but your Revolution stands for Hygiene: pure, simple, and genuine. No hybrids allowed! THANKS for your courage in the face of adversities and in your unflagging focus on publishing the TRUTHS for all the world to read now and forever.

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