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Issues #3 & #4 of... Common Health Sense


Dear Victoria, Please find enclosed my renewal for Common Health Sense #5 & #6 and 1 copy of RAW-EATING. You're doing a great job in putting out Common Health Sense. I tremendously enjoyed Issues #3 & #4! I'm happy to be privy to a publication espousing the cause of Pure Natural Hygiene. Whatever one may think of the personal flaws and idiosyncrasies of Dr. Shelton and T.C. Fry, their devotional love for Natural Hygiene and humanity cannot be gainsaid. Without the masterly synthesis of Hygienic Teachings that Shelton achieved and that T.C. Fry propagandized in his own, singular way, Natural Hygiene as we know it would not exist for us today. Also, I cannot omit here mention of your immense labors on behalf of Hygiene, particularly in putting out the wonderful YearBook HandBook and Common Health Sense and Dr. Vetrano's important treatise, ERRORS in Hygiene!??!, which I recently read. I very much appreciate what she has to say, as she is our most direct link to Dr. Shelton. Thank you for your attention to the renewal and order and for all your past, kind services. Wishing you all the best for yourself and "the little horse." on behalf of Hygiene, I am, Yours Sincerely, James.

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Dear Victoria, Your Common Health Sense #3 & #4 was a delight! I read it 3 times and am on my 4th go-around. Enclosed is my renewal for #5 & #6 and funds for you to send all 6 issues to my friend he is the President of the University where my husband is employed. Thanks So Much, Ruth.

Hello, Victoria! I needed to know about T.C. Fry and how he could die so young! Common Health Sense #3 & #4 provided those answers. I'm always impressed by the skilled writing of Dr. Vetrano. This Issue was excellent. Yours Truly, Al.

Your teachings of Natural Hygiene and this Common Health Sense #3 & #4 are among the TRUE VALUES of this Transitory Life's Journey. They are among the few things that help wake up a person so that he can truly live! Here is my renewal for #5 & #6. Elias.

I picked up your SURPRISE PACKAGE of Common Health Sense #3 & #4 today! The packaging was just phenomenal, as usual. As long as I've know you (What is it, 15 years now?), you have always had a flair for doing things in an extraordinary way! The ARNOLD'S WAY BAR was delicious! Thank HighJoy for me! The information you have provided on these 2 Great Health Educators will answer many, many questions about their personal lives. Lawrence in Texas.

Victoria, Have read about 80% of #3 & #4. And your information and enthusiasm is one of the reasons to keep me going. I was hampered by chronic fatigue for many years, but I am feeling better at age 76. Sincerely, William in Indiana.


Dear Victoria: The only word that comes to mind regarding your latest book is "TOPS!!!" I found the general scope of your copy sentimental and heart-warming. Endearing, too! There's no doubt about it! When you like something or someone, you go all out to communicate that! Enclosed is check for #5 & #6. Charles in Florida.

What a GREAT COMMON HEALTH SENSE #3 & #4! Your enthusiasm and your dedication to Natural Hygiene really show through! For those of us that did not know T.C. Fry and Dr. Shelton personally, it gives us a closer feeling to them. I truly believe in your efforts to educate The People. I send Best Wishes for our new venture on The World Wide Web! We need to reach EVERYONE about "The Great Wonders of Natural Hygiene!" Nancy.

Dear Victoria, YES, so many Hygiene Champions have passed on or, predictably, will within this decade. And our Florida contingent has fallen prey to the AMA mentality and SAD foods and can no longer be trusted. However, it appears that our 2 Heroic Revolutionaries You and Dr. Vetrano are still goin' strong. So all is WELL. This is my fervent prayer... "Your VICTORY on behalf of us all!" I'm rooting for the underdog now. But, one day, I'll congratulate you for carrying the banner to the summit and plunging its standard so deeply therein that no enemy will ever take it down! God bless You, Victoria, for all you've done, and are doing, and will do. Keep the fire burning brightly in the pervading darkness. Give us hope for a healthy future. Joel

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