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Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano Welcomes You to The...

Common Health Sense


"Even if you don't have years and years of college education behind you, I trust you will find our teachings fun and easy enough..."

Dr. V.V.Vetrano

Common Health Sense Natural Hygiene Contraband for The American Health Seeker teaches you how to apply Pure Natural Hygiene in your life. We recommend "True Transition" in the diet only as a stepping stone to "The Full Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth" in your Ideal Diet practices. This magazine gives you valid dietary principles, and valid principles concerning all "The Requisites of Life," on which to base your choices so that you can avoid disease and so that you can heal yourself if you are sick or should become sick.

With the dynamic force of her calling and the conviction of truth on her side, Victoria was led to choose the title for this "tremendous tome that teaches!" And I have, likewise, been led to join forces with her and against The Establishment Thinking that is enslaving the minds and bodies of Our Great American People! The namesake for Common Health Sense is Thomas Paine's series of pamphlets entitled, "Common Sense," written from the beginning of The American Revolution through to 1776, wherein he persuaded the frightened and tyrannized colonists to turn into outraged and unstoppable soldiers joining together to fight for their independence! "Common Sense" thus became the mouthpiece and "call to arms" for The American Revolution and a free America! In fact, "Common Sense" symbolized "The Spirit of '76!" In like manner, this Common Health Sense magazine is now the mouthpiece and "call to arms" of The Common Health Sense Revolution!

With that same "Spirit of '76," we must stay alert and aware and educated. We must, likewise, continually fight for our freedoms; or we will lose everything for which Our Forefathers so valiantly fought!

I am proud to take a leading, teaching part in this Common Health Sense Revolution and to fight alongside each and every one of you who has what it takes to stand up against Establishment Thinking and fight for these health truths in our own lives and in the lives of our loved ones! Please take the time to share your Common Health Sense with others. Richness greets all who study Pure Hygiene. And for your own sakes, please guard your copies of Common Health Sense as if they were gold! Not man's mere gold, that simply sits to mold and gather musty dust but Hygiene's Solid Gold, that simply works to build and sustain Superlative Health!

medical treatment for some urgent problem such as a broken limb, an open wound, or a stopped heart, Natural Hygiene should always be your first choice; and if Hygienic measures do not work for you after a long, serious effort on your part, seek other types of care. But this choice should always be in your hands not in the hands of the government.

This "tome that teaches tremendous truths" Common Health Sense presents a way of living that if followed will keep you in Superlative Health throughout a long and happy life. Natural Hygiene is not just another holistic way of "curing" oneself. In fact, Hygiene purports that there is no such thing as "a cure" in any school of so-called "healing" holistic, conventional, homeopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, hydropathic, or Hygienic. Natural Hygiene, to the contrary of the curist mentality, purports a method which prevents the development of disease and which also, at the same time, permits the body to heal itself, if sick. While the "Alternative, Holistic Health Care Systems" are, as a group, less lethal, less invasive, less cold-hearted, and less costly than the medical system, the alternatives, nevertheless, still cling to The Medical Mentality Paradigm, that disease must be "cured." And "curing," in this sense, does not mean the Hygienic taking of action to remove the causes of disease and to supply the conditions of health. No! "Curing," in this alternative, holistic sense, means the taking of medications and remedies such as hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, minerals, herbs, tonics, cleansing potions, and so on; and it means the submission to therapeutics "to cure" the Health Seeker's condition, with very little thought given to eliminate the causes of disease and to provide the conditions for health.

On one hand is The Medical Mentality and all the curists, alternative and conventional, who propose to make the sick person well with unnatural, toxic substances and unnatural, enervating procedures. On the other hand is Natural Hygiene and we Hygienic Health Seekers, who propose to get well with natural, wholesome substances and natural, supporting life-habits. Hygiene is unique in that it does not believe in "cures" or "curing," because we recognize that only living organisms can do that. In Hygiene, there are no "cures." It is the body that heals itself. No medications, remedies, treatments, modes of eating applied alone, herbs, vitamin pills and food supplements, or any other adventitious substance can "cure" the body! I repeat, only the living organism can so "cure" more properly called "heal" itself and only when you remove the causes of disease and only when you supply the conditions of health!


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