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Dear Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Readers!


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Dear Common Health Sense #3 & #4 Readers!

death are featured in Common Health Sense #3 to be found between red covers in this beginning section of your notebook. The GetWell StayWell, America! Catalog of educational materials and products for your "Health by Healthful Living Home" is found between blue covers and separating Issues #3 and #4.

Dr. Shelton revived and resuscitated the 19th century teachings of Hygienists. Despite his heroic efforts to bring about a Health Revolution in this century, he did not live to see really huge numbers of Americans get excited about getting well and staying well with Natural Hygiene. Throughout his endless writings, Dr. Shelton called for a "Health Revolution!" And he called for it in no uncertain terms: "How is a man who is already sick to be made less so by swallowing a substance that would sicken even kill him if he were to take it in a state of health? The theory that a serious disease can be removed by creating a temporary and less serious one with poisons must have been invented in a madhouse! We Hygienists are not reformers. We are Revolutionists! Medical reform? The world has had quite enough of that! We cannot change false teachings. As Revolutionists, we have only to teach the truth!" Dr. Shelton did more to promote the pure teachings of Natural Hygiene than any man or woman in history as of today. He authored over 50 books many huge books in an age when computers were nonexistent! His protegé and cohort Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano schooled herself well in the pure teachings of Natural Hygiene and has become "The Top Health General Consultant" in the fight to free Americans from False Establishment Thinking!

Dr. Vetrano called the first issue of Common Health Sense "THE tremendous tome that teaches TRUTHS!" She wrote: "With the dynamic force of her calling and the conviction of truth on her side, Victoria was led to create Common Health Sense. And I have, likewise, been led to join forces with her and against The Establishment Thinking that is enslaving the minds and bodies of Our Great American People! The namesake for Common Health Sense is Thomas Paine's series of pamphlets entitled, 'Common Sense,' written from the beginning of The American Revolution through to 1776, wherein he persuaded the frightened and tyrannized colonists to turn into outraged and unstoppable soldiers joining together to fight for their independence! 'Common Sense' thus became the mouthpiece and 'call to arms' for The American Revolution and a free America! In fact, 'Common Sense' symbolized 'The Spirit of '76!' In like manner, these Common Health Sense Issues are now the mouthpiece and 'call to arms' of The Common Health Sense Revolution! With that same 'Spirit of '76,' we must stay alert and aware and educated! We must, likewise, continually fight for our freedoms; or we will lose everything for which Our Forefathers


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