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The GetWell*StayWell, America! Order Form for...

1-of-a-Kind-1-Pound Bags of

Victory Veggie Seasonings!

Note: When you buy 1 pound of dried veggies,

you are buying 6 - 8 pounds of fresh vegetables!

While nothing beats "The Victory Veggie Seasonings" described in the foregoing,

some of you may want to make your own! So here they are in 1-of-a-Kind-1-Pound Bags!

All Powders Are Extremely Fine-Ground & Powdery!

All Flakes Are Larger & Can Be Ground Finer, as Desired!

All Items Come in Sealed-Tight, 1-Pound Bags!



Subtotal Price


  CARROT POWDER 5 cups per pound 1 pound bag $12.oo @$______
  CELERY, RIBS & FLAKES OF LEAVES 13 cups per pound 1 pound bag $18.00 @$______

BEET POWDER "Certified Organic" 4 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$16.oo @$______

ONION POWDER "Certified Organic" 4 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$10.oo @$______

SPINACH FLAKES 24 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$19.oo @$______

PARSLEY FLAKES "Certified Organic" 27 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$11.oo @$______

SPINACH POWDER "Certified Organic" 5 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$26.oo @$______

TOMATO POWDER "Certified Organic" 2 1/2 cups per pound 1 pound bag

$22.oo @$______
  YOUR COST... Now, add up your "1-of-a-Kind-1-POUND Victory Veggie SEASONINGS"   @$______
  Add 10% for shipping & handling: Total @$______

See all the other "Great, YUMMY GetWell Edibles" for the many veggies and True Transition, mild herbs and spices you may want to add to make your own SEASONINGS!

Use The Shopping Cart & Your Credit Card. Or Send with a Check or Money Order to... GetWell*StayWell, America!

1776 The Hygiene Joy Way!

Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273

Name ________________________________

Address ______________________________

City __________________________________

State _____________ Zip _______________



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