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The GetWell*StayWell, America! Order Form for...

Hygienically Correct Chocolate & Refined Sugar Substitutes

All Items Come in Sealed-Tight Bags or Jugs.





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CAROB POWDER: RAW, ground carob pods from naturally cultivated trees supply a chocolate taste without the unhealthy issues of chocolate. 4 cups per 1 pound 1 pound bag

$6.oo @$______
  DATE SUGAR "Certified Organic" & RAW 1 pound bag $7.oo @$______

STEVIA POWDER: A processed plant extract, super-sweet to the taste! 3 cups / pound

$30.oo @$______

SUGAR CANE "Certified Organic" & RAW 5 pound bag

$20.oo @$______
  COCONUT: RAW & UNSWEETENED & DRIED 5 pound bag $13.oo @$______
  VERMONT MAPLE SPRINKLES 1 pound bag $9.oo @$______
  VERMONT PURE MAPLE SYRUP 1 quart jug $18.oo @$______

Victoria's Notes: The DATE SUGAR is made from dates! That's all! The dates have been turned into "crumbles" so that you can spoon them from a DATE SUGAR bowl! STEVIA is a natural sweetener, extracted from a plant and comes in a white powder. A minute amount, just a pinch, of this white, super-fine STEVIA POWDER will sweeten any single serving. The SUGAR CANE can be chewed on, like a candy bar, for its natural sweetness. The UNSWEETENED & DRIED COCONUT can be sprinkled on a dish you want to mildly sweeten up, just like you used to sprinkle on refined, empty-calorie sugar from the SAD sugar bowl. The VERMONT MAPLE SPRINKLES are made of pure, granulated maple syrup without any additives, preservatives, or coloring. The VERMONT MAPLE SPRINKLES provide as much calcium as milk, twice as much potassium as bananas, and are substantially lower in sodium than brown sugar or molasses. VERMONT MAPLE SPRINKLES and DATE SUGAR are the only all-natural, granulated sweetener on the market! Use either in place of SAD sugar. VERMONT PURE MAPLE SYRUP is 100% natural and free of additives.


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