"I Love Them! I Just Love Them!" Says Sally McCabe.

"I ordered 3 pounds without trying them because I trusted you, Victoria. And I know I'll be ordering more soon!"

"Thank You for The Vittles! It's amazing how sweet, dried vegetables can be! You don't think of vegetables as sweet. We need to order more." The Chins.

"Victoria, you have done it again! Your packaging was such fun! And the little, one-serving jar was so perfectly useful and thoughtful! I appreciate the greens celery, spinach, parsley, and cabbage in The Vittles: they must add a lot of nutrition. I agree with you, that a person could live on them for quite awhile if left stranded in wilderness somewhere." Linda Sticco.

Victoria's Note #1: If you have dental sensitivity, you can still enjoy The Vittles by putting them in your "nut & seed grinder" or blender for just 3 to 10 seconds. Or, you can let The Vittles soak up some moisture in your salad for several minutes to soften them up. Or, you can fully hydrate The Vittles even longer in a soupy mixture. The crunchy Vittles, once soaked, turn soft and chewy, rather than soggy and yucky! Note #2: The Victory Seasonings tend to permeate the entire dish and give a homogenizing, "everything tastes the same" effect some Health Seekers do not like. While I do think The Victory Seasonings are wonderful, what I especially like about The Vittles is that they add "WOW-ful" bursts of the unique flavors from each of the 12 vegetables. Flavors which are mild in the fresh veggies become "WOW-ful" when dried into Vittles! NOTE #3: One of the biggest complaints of Health Seekers over the years is that they find it hard to eat their vegetables. Salad dressing recipes help, for sure. The Victory Seasonings are good, too. But now, The Vittles are so delicious and they add so much flavor and sweetness to the vegetable salads, that we can actually look forward to them, rather than be bored or angry at them! The trick is, as always, wait until genuine hunger before dining! NOTE #4: Stow away your "On the Go-Go-Go Jar" for snacking or for sprinkling when eating out! NOTE #5: The Vittles are costly to make, package, and send. They are a bargain in cost, nevertheless!

When you buy 1 pound of dried veggies, you are buying 6 - 8 pounds of fresh vegetables!

SAD Store Seasonings average $2.5o for 1 ounce.

Many SAD Store Seasonings cost FAR, FAR more than $2.5o per ounce.

Victory Veggie Vittles are only... $1.44 / oz. PP.

Victoria! Please do send 1 POUND that is, 8 cups in 2 one-quart jars of The Victory Veggie Vittles for $26.oo postpaid! Do add the "On-the-Go-Go-Go Jar" of Vittles, too! Thank You!

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