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III John 1:2... Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth



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"God's 'Little Blessings' Business Cards" Update!

Victoria Dearie, Thank much for those Little Cards with Scripture on both sides and painted so nice. A lady thought they were so nice and beautiful that she had to have them! She was filling boxes for orphans age 6 to 12 who were learning to read. For Christmas, they took the cards to Bible School Class and reviewed them at church. Your cards are doing triple duty so far! I thought you would like to know. Robert in Texas.

Dear GetWell Friends

There is a man in California who for years has been helping our efforts to bring "Health by Healthful Living!" to Americans. Last month, I set aside his contribution to purchase the PLASTIC-LAMINATOR I was praying for so that I could make more of "God's Little Blessings Business Cards." There really is no comparison between the ones you have received so far and those that have been plastic-laminated not only are the laminated cards more beautiful, as they shine like jewels, they can stand up to everything but fire! On behalf of the thousands who will receive spectacular and sturdy versions of God's Business Cards in the future, I thank you, Steve in California.

But there is more to the story! When I took The Wilderness Wagon to "the log cabin in the woods," a day's drive from The Barn to finish Common Health Sense #3 & #4 in the seclusion and before "The Fire Event" relieved me of distractions, I had made many of the plastic-laminated version of the above and of "God Bless You," with the rainbows. I had the opportunity to give these to friends I had met in 1998 and 1999 and to persons I had just met. I gave these with no intention of teaching Natural Hygiene, but simply, to serve as an ambassadress of good will and to express my love for The Lord. I wanted to give back something to the Canada I had come to love, for all the good Canada had done for me. The most wonderful and unexpected and touching events occurred, one after another far beyond what I had imagined when I was spending the many hours making them!

First of all, The People were so very pleasantly surprised! All really appreciated their beauty and their intent. They stopped and took time to read them, right then and there, and next would comment about them, sometimes initiating long conversations. These encounters were so gratifying! Next, when I would see these people again, they would mention the "Little Cards." And in all instances, they told what they had done with them, where they had perched or placed them. Truly, I was amazed when a woman brought me a greeting card one day with a little "Canada" pin and $60.oo enclosed. She suggested that I use the money to create more of these "Little Blessings" for others!



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