A Sharing of The Healing Passages

Revealed to Me in The Wilderness

Bringing... "Victory for God, Health & Country!"

about. Rather, I speak of what lies ahead for the ill-educated and/or hopelessly addicted individual who has either never learned how to live healthfully in the first place or who has learned but who has then forsaken The 10 Energy Enhancers for The 10 Energy Robbers with a vengeance beyond all understanding. Going "over the hill" may not seem so bad if one stands, more or less, at the crest of that hill. But make no mistake about it: the crest works its way seemingly innocently enough down the hill and then plunges into dark valley after ever-darkening valley. These valleys unfold until the person living in ignorance and/or Energy Robbing addiction arrives at Death's Doorstep. Believe me a voice returned to The Wilderness of Canada and calling out to you from that Wilderness at this very reading "You do not want to go there!"

For each, according to the inherited predisposition, the kind and amount of toxins present in the body, the existing supply of Nerve Energy, the irreversible damage done to the tissues over the years, and the depth of personal ignorance and addiction for each would be quite a different scenario of bodily disease and suffering upon the inevitable arrival at Death's Doorstep. But make no mistake about it "Death's Doorstep is where 'The Road that Goes Over the Hill' would, in time, lead each and every one!" who lives recklessly pursuing The 10 Energy Robbers. I know. I have been there. And I return to you today to warn you once again in my teachings, as a now older and much wiser Health Educator who loves you dearly: "You do not want to go there!" And to teach you: "Through The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene!" And to encourage you: "To The Living Scripture, if you are so inclined!"

In August of 1998, I was in no position to help others even serving as a fat shipping clerk had become nearly impossible. In August of 1998, I was, in fact, among the lowest 10% of Americans, health-and-fitnesswise. Not with a terminal illness such as cancer. But with the potentially sudden-death illness of morbid obesity. I was virtually crippled, and everything hurt. It hurt to be alive. Every movement was an effort. My hip bone was popping out of its joint with severe pain. Both knees and both hip joints hurt to walk. Rolling over in bed was a 20-second, pain-wracking, monumental effort. The fibromyalgia I reported to you in the 1998

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Dearest of Friends & Children of God

The following pages of "The Healing Passages Revealed in The Wilderness" take you on a 9 month journey with me, from August 1st, 1998, to May 1st, 1999. It is a journey I will conclude on July 31st. The enclosed "Fairmont Hot Springs Resort" brochure takes you to the actual place of "The Healing." Please know that you and all Americans and now all Canadians have been in my heart... the whole time.

Please note that "The Healing Passages" are arranged in chronological order, as they were revealed to me during my healing. I was going to bind the pages into a booklet. But because I know that many of you will want to frame certain pages or laminate them or make copies for Loved Ones, I left the pages unbound so as not to leave unsightly holes punched all along one side. Enclosed, then, is my sharing of the last 9 months with the HOPE that you may find Passages of spiritual healing and renewed strength to claim and to sustain you in your Hygienic living. In and of themselves, the order of these "Healing Passages" is not important. For each sheet holds a theme unto itself. Nevertheless, just for the moment, I would like to go through these "Healing Passages of Living Scripture" in the order revealed to me over those 9 months and laid out in the following, so that I may take you on "A Glorious, Wilderness Pilgrimage," the lessons from which are now allowing me to experience as never before both Living Scripture and Living Hygiene!

Martin Luther King spoke of having gone... "to the mountain top" to receive his dream from God of all peoples living in harmony. He came back to tell us of his dream and that: "I may not be around to go there with you." Well, Dearest of GetWell Friends, today, I can speak of having gone... "over the hill" to receive my vision from hell of people suffering in disease. And I have come back to tell you of this trip and that: "You do not want to go there!" Because of my willful and God-forsaken disobedience to The Laws of Life which govern the human body, I went not only "over the hill," but far, far past the crest and down the other side of that hill.

I speak not of the Hallmark greeting cards and balloons and party-making paraphernalia in black and white commemorating the "over the hill," 40th birthday, nor of the time-worn cliché, "over the hill," both of which Americans are well known to celebrate and joke


¶Natural Hygiene for The Children of God, Page 13 & Wilderness Story,