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Health Revolution for years was taken to Canada to get ready! What has happened, of course, in my now 10 trips from Mt. Vernon, Washington, to Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, is the building of a tremendous LOVE in my heart for Canada, rivaling my LOVE for America. After all, the Canadian borderline is a man-made abstraction present only on maps. God is The Creator of all, and He knows no boundaries.

And so, those long days of movement that 1st month and then the trip back to The Barn for 3 weeks to fill orders and take care of business revealed that this was not merely an "Exercise Vacation." Vacations come to an end, and I saw no end in sight. I was a long ways from stepping into The Wagon with the focus and vigor needed to talk with Health Seekers and media interviewers all day long. And while vacations come to an end, this time in Canada had become open-ended. Plus, I knew I had to put my heart and mind on "things spiritual" if I were to get well and that I had to get my mind off the weight. So, God turned my return trip into an open-ended "Victoria's Fitness Sabbatical." With my attention now on getting fit to live out God's Calling to lead The Great Revolution, I returned to Canada.

The 2nd trip into The Wilderness, I begged on my knees for guidance in The Word. It had been a long time since I had turned to Scripture. I knew this was to be no short-lived, band-aide, passing affair; nor was it to be an intense intellectual study to bring Hygiene and The Lord together for Health Seekers. This time, it was to be "a life or death," "This is it!" immersion in The Word of God a victorious fight to the finish against the mean-spirited voices and death-dealing forces that had all but destroyed a spiritually weak Victoria during my 12 years of striving to serve as a Health Revolutionist Leader. Where was I to start?

I sat on my couch in "Old Blue," holding the Bible that Marianne Fry had given me, knowing that every answer to every question on every level of my life lay in my hands. Where to start? This time, I was not merely weaving Scripture into some Garden of Eden books for Health Seekers, Dearly Beloved though they may be. This time, I was fighting for my life! (Amazing that "fighting for my life" amounted to "total surrender of my self will to God's Will!") God had brought me up there into The Wilderness of Canada, once and for all, to fight the good fight, to surrender to Him, to get well... (or... I threw in, "to die trying!"). Everything I was and owned, I gave to Him and just prayed for "thy will be done." My will had gotten me up to 270 pounds and miserable. It was time to let... "thy will be done."

As an Health Revolutionist, I wanted to be living Hygiene and to be living Scripture. I wanted to be radiantly healthy and glowing with God's healing powers and love. I wanted to be


living The Scripture in such a way that The Word would become alive in me; and for that to happen, my body, intellect, and emotions must be given completely to God. And so, I prayed for God to fill me with His Holy Spirit; and I prayed that the place to start and how to continue would be revealed. By the 2nd visit, my FAITH was full.

This prayer and the awesome reality that I had been led to the holy wilderness of British Columbia (Billboards read: "Welcome to Supernatural British Columbia!", led me first to Scripture on John The Baptist and then to the 2 temptations of Christ. (See Scripture Page #3.) The Baptist delivered admonitions to make our paths straight and to be prepared for the baptism of The Holy Spirit with FIRE. This I prayed for, and this I have received. I do believe that this "quickening" of which Scripture speaks is best manifested when we are ON FIRE and when we are our most spiritually obedient and our most physically healthy! I now experience this "quickening." This FIRE baptism is part of what I had been missing. The Holy Spirit now speaks with more power and clarity than ever before. And I now recognize the unholy spirit of discouragement readily, and I refuse to buy into it or into the schemes of those basic depressive personalities whose dark voices and ideas served only to drag me down over the years. Discouragement no longer claims my soul! Praise The Lord!

By October, I was eating 90% raw and more. "The 6th Commandment of Health" became my preferred diet. (See Scripture Page #4.) I began my day, from day 1, with a gallon of distilled water in one hand and a dish of watermelon in the other. (The watermelon ran out in November, and I moved to a quart of fresh juice during the day.) By 6 or 7 or 8 o'clock at night, I had consumed both, and then would have a large vegetable salad for dinner. Every second or third day, I ate a can of unsalted, cooked beans, rather than nuts for my protein. This evening meal, I ate out at the corral, while HighJoy relished his daily oats. We were doing it! The Fruit of The Holy Spirit was key and will remain key. For the person with a spiritual disorder manifested by out of control eating, the lust of the flesh takes over, which lust stands as an open invitation to demonic activity. For the nonChristian, one could explain this same phenomenon as follows... "A compulsive eating disorder, full-blown and out of control leads to ever-increasing dysfunction, discouragement, despair, and disease."

Now, during the 3rd trip to the wilderness, it was time to focus on The Temple, to go back and review all the teachings in The Garden of Eden books, which I had so happily presented to you years ago. Only now, it was not just an intellectual and relatively shallow attempt to bring Scripture and Hygiene

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