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been feeding the wrong organ the wrong food! I had been feeding my stomach with SAD food to get fat; and all the while I should have been feeding my heart with The Word of God to get well!

My 6th, 7th, and 8th visits to The Wilderness, were filled with such JOY! By the 6th month, I had moved some of my workout time to dry land. And on both land and in the warm water, I had taken to wearing a piece of headgear that I designed which tightly held a cassette recorder and a headset to my ears! I began moving to the music! During the 8th visit, I began working out with 3, 5, 8, and 10 pound weights. Upon returning for the 10th month, I will go up to 15 and 20 pound weights. My knees are giving me trouble, but they are still serviceable. And I am praying for a complete healing for them. The hip joints are nearly pain-free and completely serviceable. (And Joy of ALL JOYS I can now lift my foot up to the stirrup and get on HighJoy all by myself! I have visions of being able to swing on bareback freely and effortlessly!)

The opening Scripture Page #1 of these "Healing Passages" speaks to God's Purpose for our lives. And now, in closing, we are urged to fulfill God's "Great Commission" in very specific terms. We are told that we will do "greater works" than Jesus and the disciples had performed in their days. And we are told to go into the world and preach The Gospel. We are told to watch for signs following them that believe.

Two of these signs relate to physical healing, as well as to spiritual healing: the casting out of devils and the laying on of hands. I do not profess to have the gift of miraculous and instantaneous healing by the laying on of my hands. And it is likely that neither do you. But we have something just as miraculous as this gift it just takes FAITH and WORKS The Message and Promise and Practice of Natural Hygiene. We may not be able to lay our hands on a person and help him or her recover. But we surely can lay Natural Hygiene teachings onto their laps and show them The 10 Energy Enhancers or better yet, The 10 Commandments of Health! As a Christian Health Educator, I am particularly moved to see each person claim the healing that is promised in The Word of God. The ultimate concern, of course, is for the soul of each person, that each person come to know God through Our Lord and Savior. And, my heart goes out even further to those who suffer with a disease that could be completely healed or greatly reversed or relieved through following practices specifically spelled out in Scripture: primarily and generally, we avoid defilement of The Holy Temple and keep it pure, clean, and sanctified through righteous living.

Scripture Page #19, My Dearest of GetWell Friends, the last sheet of "Healing Passages Revealed to


Me in The Wilderness," call upon you to keep in your mind and in your heart one thing: "Know that... You are a Child of God! Not only does this mean that we have an innocence about us and that God loves us, but that we ought to have a playfulness, a JOY that is light-hearted and free... as a Beloved Child of God!"

Dearest of GetWell Friends, I ask you today: "Start the practice of reminding yourselves that we are all Children of God... forgiven, beloved, cherished. And challenge yourselves to take time out just to spend in childlike play, to search yourselves and access your childhood memory banks, to seek out those activities from younger years and re-engage yourselves in some of those activities you most loved to do during a previous period in your life. A poet once wrote: "Do not go gently into that good night." I say: "You don't want to go over that hill! And the best way to keep from approaching the crest of the hill that leads only to Death's Doorstep is to run, skip, hop, jump, dance, ride, swim, crawl, sing, sway and otherwise move in the opposite direction!"

Well, I was going to limit this letter to 3 pages. And now we have 8! And I have barely begun to tell you what it has really been like to crawl off my deathbed and go from the bottom 10% of (unhealthy) Americans into the top 10% of (healthy) Americans in 10 months! It could easily fill a book, certainly a video. I have so much more to share about this most marvellous time of my entire life! God willing, another time, I will be led to share more.

In closing, it is my prayer that you will be blessed with health and happiness and that you may experience each night and day with the innocence and joy of a Child of God. I will be back at The Barn the third week of June to fill your orders and answer any questions you may have. Then I return in late July with "Old Blue" and HighJoy. Until then, My Dearest of Friends, Thank You for all you have done to encourage and support my efforts, especially when I have made so many mistakes. And Thank You for all you do to encourage and support others. We all need coaches and cheerleaders and teachers and Brothers and Sisters to challenge us and inspire us! And may you come to find the very best coaches of all: God The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Hallelujah & Amen.

As a gentle and loving "FareWell Reminder" to My Dearest GetWell Friends, I leave you today with SCRIPTURE PAGE #20: "THINK ON THESE THINGS."


Natural Hygiene for The Children of God, Page 19 & Wilderness Story,