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The Etymology of the Word "Health"

Where words come from can be as fascinating as where people come from! When we study the word, "health," it is "Poetic Christian Justice" that this word's origins are imbedded in a root word that also means "whole" and "holy"! This fact is interesting to share with others of the non-Christian persuasion. They balk at this reality as much as they balk at the reality that Natural Hygiene began as a Christian movement! Neverthless, that's how it is. Let me share with you, Brothers and Sisters in The Lord, therefore...The Etymology ("study of word origins") of the Word "Health"...

HEALTHY whole, healed, well, hale, of sound bodily condition, hearty; fortunate, lucky, wealthy; saved, purified, clean, holy

WHOLE complete, intact, of good health, uninjured, unhurt; sane, sound of mind, happy; full, divine, perfect

HOLY good, intact, whole, uninjured, healthy; free from sin or evil, spiritually perfect

When the English language as we know it today was borne in the 1300s, the Old English word root "hal" evolved into 3 words: "health," "whole," and "holy." At one time, that is, there was just the one word..."hal" to express these 3 concepts. Three concepts, that is, that at one time were so close in meaning that the Englishman needed only the context to get the jist of the meaning! I maintain that we need to go back to that way of thinking where...

To be Healthy...

Is to be Whole...

Is to be Holy...

A word from Dr. Shelton: Our words "health," "whole," and "holy" are all derived from the Anglo-Saxon word root: "hal." "Healing" is derived from the same word root and means... "to restore to a state of wholeness, soundness, or integrity." "Holy" comes from the same root and signifies... "wholeness" and "purity of mind and spirit." Taken in its fullness of meaning, therefore, "health" has come to mean... "completeness and perfection of organization, fitness of life, freedom of action, harmony of functions, vigor and freedom from all stain and unholy corruption." The etymology of the word "health" is thus fascinating! In a phrase, "health" is... "A SOUND MIND AND SPIRIT IN A SOUND BODY!

Note from Victoria: Dr. Shelton wrote a number of such passages that truly reflect he had, indeed, a spiritual side of great depth. In "The Timeline" on his life I prepared, you will find that he had a strong Christian upbringing, which he later rejected for REASON.

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