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What Happens When an Hygienist Gets Well Really Well?

Not just "well enough" to have detoxified and exhibit no disease symptoms. Not just "well enough" to feel good and look good. Not just "well enough" to be strong, flexible, and sustainable. Not just "well enough" to have the capacity for rosy cheeks and high energy. But "well enough" to be healed in The Hygienist's very soul. Healed from traumas, healed from grudges, healed from regrets, healed from neglects, healed from resentments, healed from unforgivenesses, healed from sorrows, healed from losses, healed from insults, healed from disappointments, healed from hatreds, healed from jealousies, healed from any and all storms of darkness that have ever harbored over the vast sea of the his very soul.

When The Hygienist has reached his own, personal, highest pinnacle for a radiantly healthy body and a spiritually healed soul, it's much like he has stepped into the very Kingdom of God! He experiences such a high degree of physical well-being and righteous thoughts and feelings, it is a whole, a healed, a holy, another world! It is glorious! And it is brings a direct experience of the body as... The Living Temple. It is an overlay, existing simultaneously with the struggling, suffering, hurtful world of trials and tribulations those living in fear and disease are experiencing. By contrast with those, The Really Well Hygienist has been lifted up and can no longer be brought down to make his decisions bound up and grounded in physical disease and soulful worry and fear. Everything in the physical body works according to its highest potential and God-given design, and everything in his thoughts and feelings and consequent choices are clear and uncontaminated by his previously poisoned ideas and killing emotions in a toxic body. Only then, does The Hygienist fully and completely understand and appreciate what it means and what it takes to be FREE REALLY FREE. For the darkness of twisted thought processes and mean-spirited emotions no longer filter through and damage his very soul by distorting his choices so that sabotage and destruction are the inevitable results. When his very soul is full of Peace and Light and Love, only then is he is FREE REALLY FREE to choose Life. And only then is he WELL REALLY WELL to best live and best serve... to best glorify God in his body and in his spirit, which are God's. Purpose becomes clear.

The Healed Hygienist is this WELL REALLY WELL in both body and insoul. He finds The Truths of Natural Hygiene and The Light and The Love of God so liberating and in such contrast to the obvious and apparent poor health and spiritual darkness among Sick and Suffering Brothers and Sisters that his very own soul just naturally reaches out to them with The Compassion of Christ. This sensitivity and compassion are reflections of the human condition at its very best. Some of these Sick and Suffering Brothers and Sisters, The REALLY WELL Hygienist will be called to and led to reach out and help. Others, he will not. And although the final stages of detoxification and spiritual healing can feel like an instantaneous transformation, for most, it happens over time, as a process, and not in a twinkling of the eye. However it happens, whenever it happens, to whatever degree it happens, the onset of this process marks the birth of A Health Revolutionist... sensitive, compassionate, serving, glorifying. (Of course, without obedience, no one ever gets there.)

From The Word of God: Let Not the Sun Go Down upon Your Anger.

Let All Bitterness & Wrath & Anger & Clamour & Evil-Speaking Be Put Away from You,

Along with All Malice.

And Be Ye Kind One to Another, Tender-Hearted, Forgiving One Another,

Even as God, for Christ's Sake, Hath Forgiven You. Ephesians 4 : 26

...The Truth shall set you free. John 8 : 32






Natural Hygiene for The Children of God Page 40