Why... Get F- L-E-X-I-B-L-E?

Why... Stay F- L-E-X-I-B-L-E?


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Being "FLEXIBLE" Means...

"Having the ability to use muscles and joints through their full range of motion." The catch is that "the full range of motion" only occurs when the muscles WHICH ARE E-L-A-S-T-I-C IN QUALITY are kept stretched out to their full, stretchy capacity!

Why... Get F- L-E-X-I-B-L-E?

Why... Stay F- L-E-X-I-B-L-E?

·STRETCHING increases your use of muscles & joints through to their fullest ranges of motion.

·STRETCHING reduces the chance of injury in everyday & recreational activities. Excerpt from Stretching for Everyday Fitness: "Stretching is the important link between the sedentary life & the active life. It keeps the muscles supple, prepares you for movement & helps you make the daily transition from inactivity to vigorous activity without undue strain. It is especially important if you run, cycle, play tennis or engage in other strenuous exercises, because activities like these promote tightness & inflexibility. Stretching before & after you work out will keep you flexible & help prevent common injuries such as shin splints or Achilles tendinitus from running & sore shoulders or elbows from lifting or tennis."

·STRETCHING offers high therapeutic relief from daily, stress-related, muscular tension.

·STRETCHING greatly improves posture & encourages posture-awareness: this minimizes stress-related, mechanical imbalances throughout the body, and especially in the back, hip & neck. AND this can obviate the development of the worst case scenario of actual physical deformity. (Inflexible joints & weak muscles in the shoulder & chest, for instance, can cause rounded shoulders, which can lead to humpbacked spine, a sunken chest & impaired respiratory capacity. Tight hip-flexor muscles, hamstrings & back muscles can rotate the pelvis forward, resulting in curvature of the lower back, chronic lower back pain & sciatica. And chronic drooping of the head forward may produce headache, dizziness & chronic strain on the muscles along the back of the neck, resulting in neck, back & shoulder pain.)

·STRETCHING minimizes moving with stiffness & promotes moving with ease, grace & beauty.

·STRETCHING as in all forms of exercise enhances skills in balance & co-ordination.

·STRETCHING sessions provide precious and dearly needed time for self-examination & soul-searching, for body awareness & for counting your blessings.

·STRETCHING attends to a basic need of The Living Temple!

·STRETCHING sessions are pleasurable mini-vacations & FUN!

Dear GetWell Friends I strongly, delightfully encourage you to add a Regular Stretching Routine to your seeking and establishing of Superlative Health! To do this, you need to see the various stretches and to know exactly how to position your body and how to do the stretches and for how long. For this reason, I have provided you with the very best, illustrated stretching materials I can find from Stretching for Everyday Fitness, the book and the video, are your best starting choices. See "The BookList."


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