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From VICTORIA "physiologist" = a person who makes a study of the body & how it works

Stretching Inspiration

"Health Seeker Satisfied" = a person who has found the truth of Natural Hygiene and has followed its Common Health Sense program successfully enough so that, reflected in his physiology, is a higher degree of health and well-being than that of The Average American who has lived according to Standard American Diet and the Standard American Program igns of Aging When One is Not a Health Seeker Satisfied...

Ask anybody... The most common denominator among most aging Americans who are not Health Seekers Satisfied is reflected in a Sedentary Profile characterized by less and less flexibility, strength, and endurance. The typical signs of aging when one is not a Health Seeker Satisfied are as follows: reduced range of joint movement, accompanied by a definite stiffness of movement; pain in movement; difficulty in simply reaching or in getting up or down or around; fear of performing and inability to perform everyday movements that allow a person to be self-sufficient; a disconcerting unsteadiness while standing and moving on one's own 2 feet; weakness in the grasp and when lifting; inability to depend upon one's own strength, balance, and co-ordination; distrust in one's own ability to get around; long-lost hopes of ever enjoying the active pleasures of one's yesteryears, and finally actually forgetting what it used to be like to be active and mobile, flexible and strong; and then a settling in more and more for the sedentary, with little or no interest in the active.

Ask any HYGIENIST WHO IS ALSO physiologist... The average American who is not a Health Seeker Satisfied typifies the aging process not only with much of the above Sedentary Profile but with a cluster of additional common denominators. The body loses height. The body gains weight in middle age, then loses fat, bone, and muscle weight in old age. The body acquires a jutting chin, curved spine, pigeon chest, stiff joints, wrinkled skin, slumped posture, and gray hair. Lung tissue and chest wall grow less elastic. Alveoli (tiny lung air sacs) hold less air. Amount of air breathed in and out of lungs in one breath diminishes. Heart handles less oxygen per minute. Peak heart rate reduces. Heart weight and volume rise. Blood pressure rises. Muscles lose strength, size, weight, and distinctive shape. Bones lose calcium and become brittle. Aches and pains of all kinds and in all locations set in. One or more chronic, degenerative diseases take over the body. And finally the aging person typically endures some sort of costly and painful and demoralizing period of bed-ridden sickness before death from the degenerative state.

Ask anybody... Along with this Sedentary Profile of deterioration typifying most aging persons is less and less interest in "the things of this world," fewer and fewer moments of getting excited about anything, more and more abandonment of carrying out any unfulfilled dreams or in taking on any new projects, less and less reaching out to exercise and stimulate the mind with creative work and with reaching out to help others, and finally less and less interest with life itself. It's as if the body gave out first; and then the mind and emotions followed suit.

"Well, Victoria!" you may say with a bittersweet twinge of sarcasm, as you read between these lines and see bits and pieces of yourself or your loved ones in these Sedentary Profiles, "Just how is it you named this article 'Stretching Inspiration,' anyhow? I don't feel too inspired so far!"

Dear GetWell Friends About 5 months into my year of recovery in Canada (1998 - 1999), I started with 2 hours of ever-so-mild stretching routines that had been tucked away in my memory banks, unused for 2 years. And since then, the continued dedication to a Regular Stretching Workout has done so much to revive, restore, and rejuvenate me.



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