Energy Enhancer #8 Regular Exercise K~e~e~p M~o~v~i~n~g!

FUN-OUT! not work out

Think on These Things. March 1st, 2000

Faith! ~ not fear

Hope! ~ not despair

Love! ~ not hate

Muscles! ~ not flab

Pleasure! ~ not pain

Health! ~ not disease

Freedom! ~ not prison

Effort! ~ not lethargy

Agility! ~ not docility

Discipline! ~ not apathy

Adventure! ~ not tedium

Talent! ~ not mediocrity

Happiness! ~ not SADness

Curiosity! ~ not boredom

Gratitude! ~ not anger

Rosy Cheeks! ~ not pallor

Flexibility! ~ not stiffness

Strength! ~ not weakness

Reward! ~ not punishment

Beauty! ~ not degeneration

Awakening! ~ not deadening

Inspiration! ~ not depression

Commitment! ~ not indecision

Oxygenation! ~ not suffocation

Exhilaration! ~ not exhaustion

Gracefulness! ~ not oafishness

Co-ordination! ~ not clumsiness

Youthfulness! ~ not decrepitude

Decision-Maker! ~ not complainer

Nimbleness! ~ not cumbersomeness

Endurance! ~ not shortness of breath

Participation! ~ not sidelines self-pity

Wholeheartedness! ~ not half-measures

Stretched Out Extension! ~ not contraction

Sparkling Eyes, Wide Open! ~ not lackluster dullness

Hero or Heroine! ~ not coward or shrinking violet

Victor! ~ not victim

Physically Fit Spiritual Warrior! ~ not counterfeit spiritual wisher



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