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A rational treatment for all diseases is to first determine the cause of the disease and then to remove it.

When two or there are gathered together in the name of "conventional science," great deeds of mutilation can be performed in defiance of every known law, and no man or woman can criticize the procedure.

A correct education will give as much attention to the body as to the mind. The object in all education should be health. The world can well afford to give up all education that is disease-producing.

Those who suffer most and can rise, sphinxlike, from the ashes of their consumed mistakes, errors, appetites, and passions, have "A Message for The World." And "The world will be a better place" by giving such persons their respectful attention and support.

One must make a daily practice of wrong living to remain an invalid, for nature is constantly at work throwing off disease.

About half the insomnia of this country would never have been known if the desire for growing tea and coffee had gone down with the cargo of tea that was once sunk to the bottom of the Boston harbor.

Those who live an intense and purposeful life are exercising every cell of their bodies every minute of their lives!

All chronic diseases depend for their existence on a daily supply of the material and habits that brought them into existence.

What can drugs do toward checking a disease depending on wrong life and

unsuitable food?

The germs of fermentation are everywhere. The sick and well, alike, are subjected to them. Those who do not come under their influence are possessed of enough resistance to annul their influence.

Only a small per cent of the people are ready to admit that disease is due to wrong life, and not a few who may admit this to be true still think there is some sure or better road to recovery than the correcting of their habits of life.

Exercise as a business is devoid of the very essence of what makes it useful namely pleasure!

It would be well for the world to learn to have pleasure with its work and play; then it would not need formulas for exercise and health!

The sick habit entrenched in the soul is the most difficult disease to cure that can be found in the whole domain of healing.

When all physicians learn that nature, and only nature, cures, and that the most important education for doctors is to learn how to "do nothing intelligently," then the profession will have moved on to higher ground.

When a patient is sleeping, he or she is receiving the best treatment in the world. The sleeper should be left absolutely alone.

The mind dyspepsia is as great in this world as the stomach dyspepsia, and the orthodox mental fodder needs fixing just as much as the orthodox body fodder.

A mind purposefully occupied can find little enjoyment in talking

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