The Mighty Work Ahead...

From Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Edited slightly by Victoria

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Common Health Sense Revolutionists, we have yet "The Mighty Work" to do! The clouds of ignorance and brainwashing still hang heavily and darkly over the human mind. Deep pools of human depravity are all about us. The thick mists of prejudice and superstition float luridly everywhere before our eyes. Mountains of error rear their dismal peaks almost beyond the power of our vision to reach their summits.

We must toil on. We must continue to spread truth and throw light into dark places. The rising sun of Hygiene must be made to fill the whole Earth with its light and warmth. In this necessary and mighty work, we need your help. It is neither a one-woman nor a one-man job, but this work needs and must have the assistance of every Health Seeker who has discovered the truth about life and living.

Who that sees disease, deformity, want, and misery spread over the world, and knows that this world is well adapted to provide health, beauty, plenty, and happiness for woman and man, instead who among us would hold back and refuse to work for The Hygienic Revolution and for the reconstruction of human society??? Who would be a drone? Who can view the Earth so fitted for a better way of life, yet so perverted, misused and abused, so filled with the wrecks of humanity, and not raise a voice in an effort to redeem humankind from the slough of misery into which we have fallen and in which many are drowning???

There are so many ways in which we can help, but the most important of these is the spread of truth of Pure Natural Hygiene. Help us get the truth about health, disease, and healing to as many people as possible. Ignorance must be supplanted with knowledge. Superstitions must be replaced by science. Fallacy must give way to truth. And this can be done only by education. Ignorance does not dispel itself. Superstitions do not work themselves out of the mind. Errors do not flee away unless truth pursues them. In this educational work, all may have a hand. You may do your full and gratifying share. To accomplish this work, we need access to the public mind. We need to reach more people.

Give us more readers. Give us the masses... The Common People... the rabble... if you please! We will endeavor to make thinkers of them all! We will make co-workers and Hygienists of them all! Truth will raise up a generation of women and men that will replenish the Earth in a physiological sense. A generation of Hygienists will arise that will not be steeped in indulgence nor gripped by vices and propaganda but who will be filled with radiant health and the sheer joy of being! Healthy in body, clear of head, with the strength of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb, our children and their children shall make the world into a fit habitation for woman and man.

Help us to reach the human mind. Give us more readers, more Common Health Sense Subscribers, more workers for Natural Hygiene. Let us all work together for the hasty consummation of this beatific vision.

The future belongs to Natural Hygiene. Let us together build for that future. Let us begin now. Today, I now call upon you and all the love in your hearts to help with "The Mighty Work" that lies ahead of us to bring a halt to the ignorance and suffering of The People!

Inspiration for... "God, Health & Country!" Page 21