"By choosing a lifestyle devoted to The 10 Energy Enhancers, we can reverse this relentless "Descent into Disease." We make the turn around and climb back up to high Nerve Energy and happiness through The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene! We can GetWell!


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Of the 12 Sources of Toxins cited in Health Report #2 combined, the first 3 cannot be altogether eliminated: for we would be dead if we ceased making metabolic wastes, and a certain amount of wastes are necessary, physiologically, to help the body maintain homeostasis. These first 3 sources of toxic waste, however, can be minimized by correct living. The next 2 sources can be greatly minimized through improved stress-coping mechanisms and more Rest and Sleep. And the last 7 can be virtually, if not totally, eliminated from the lifestyle, with the exception of certain medications and hormone replacements for a few Health Seekers.

Furthermore!!! Keep in mind that it's the unnatural food and drink and the natural food deranged by cooking that are in most cases the major culprits in the systemic poisoning at the cellular level that lead to reduced Nerve Energy, Toxemia, and down into Irreversible Degeneration of vital organs and systems! To state it simply... in other words: "There is a great deal we can do to GetWell and StayWell without the medicine men!" (Note: It is strongly recommeded that you consult an Hygienic Practitioner before discontinuing any prescribed medications. Total withdrawl from certain drugs could mean certain death.)

On the all-natural, all-plant, all-raw food plan, you will be eating the most non-toxic diet possible, especially if



"If you want to live long, keep your tissues soft and fresh by avoiding Toxemia. Any toxin, whether formed in the body or taken in from without, is capable of bringing about a devolutionary, degenerative, hardening process. The rapidity with which it is brought about depends upon the amount and strength of the poison and upon the resistance your system can offer to this poisoning.

"Low Nerve Energy is the result of toxic saturation of the bloodstream and tissues at the cellular level. If the toxic overload is not halted and reversed, Auto-Intoxication continues, progressing through The 7 Stages of Disease. Although not every disease follows each Stage, all diseases are an orderly progression from low Nerve Energy to toxic saturation to pathological degeneration. The body descends easily into disease when conditions warrant and can climb back up into health when conditions justify just as easily. " Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1895 - 1985)

it's organically grown (without presticides). By embracing all The Energy Enhancers, by stopping the daily ingestion of a toxic food supply, and by partaking, instead, of non-toxic food... you will be systematically assisting your body in its detoxifying processes by not exogenously poisoning your bloodstream and lymphatic fluids and tissues on the cellular level! By conserving the energy which would have otherwise been wasted in eliminating dietary Exogenous Toxins in SAD food, and by following The Ideal Diet, instead, The Health Seeker best cooperates with the physiological processes of the body and most quickly builds up a reserve of Nerve Energy needed to permit the body to reverse the disease process. To use the metaphor-diagram provided below, that is, you will be climbing back up from your Descent into Disease. And you will reach that high state of physiological purity and restored Nerve Energy that is known as "Superlative Health and Hygiene Joy!"

As a Health Seeker, understand this clearly! Under conditions of healthful living, such as you will be creating with your change to The Ideal Diet, Pure Water, Regular Exercise, more relaxation, sufficient Rest and Sleep, and so on as prescribed in The 10 Energy Enhancers, your body will be restoring Nerve Energy not being drained of it. Your body will detoxify and heal and repair itself!



Study The Health Seekers' YearBook for your best education in Natural Hygiene.