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As HEALTH SEEKERS, we can never find enough reasons to present to our loved ones to encourage them to stay with The Ideal, Hygienic, "GetWellHStayWell Diet!" We never know just which reason will one day be "the last carrot" and break up his SAD eating penchants forever! In my recent studies of Dr. Edward Howell's Enzyme Nutrition, I have, therefore, summarized the following 6-point reminder to continue on The GetWellHStayWell Diet of Whole, Raw, and Plant. Dr. Howell's book is recommended for your further study and as an inspiration you make available to your beloved. It can be ordered through "The GetWell HStayWell BookList." The 6-points for The Raw Food Diet below may be used in conjunction with "The Health Hazards of Cooking" (pages 177-181) in The Health Seekers' YearBook. For review, let us remind ourselves of the definition of the word, "enzymes," & what Jim Karas calls "THE SPARK PLUGS OF LIFE!"

"Enzymes: They are substances, usually protein in nature, formed in living cells that bring about chemical changes. As catalysts, they play vital roles in changing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats through the digestive process. They then use these substances to provide energy and to rebuild cells. Enzymes are essential for tissue building, blood cell replacement, and the release of chemical energy for muscle movement. They are the... 'agents of life.'" And from my teachings in The YearBook: The body houses 700 types of enzymes. Just one drop of blood holds 100,000 enzymes! These are "endogenous enzymes," which the body itself produces; and there are "exogenous enzymes," which are contained in raw foods. It is postulated that the lack of Live-Food, exogenous enzymes that accompany a steady diet of cooked food is significantly correlated to the lowered vitality and increased disease among cooked-food eaters.

1.Every living organism is born with a limited capability to produce enzymes; and, as this capability is exhausted with use, Enervation sets in; and The Descent into Disease degenerative disease begins to overwhelm the organism.

2.Our digestive system was designed to utilize the enzymes present in raw food to begin the digestion of that food.

3.When raw food is heated to a temperature in excess of 112 to 118° Fahrenheit, the enzymes present in that food begin to be destroyed.

4.When we eat a steady diet of such enzyme-deficient food typified by The Standard American Diet, the body is forced to draw upon its own limited enzyme production capability to begin the digestion of this food, thus contributing to the exhaustion of Nerve Energy supplies and hastening The Descent into Disease and the onset of degenerative diseases. Review Health Report #2. (Some scientists theorize that most Americans are barely "alive and functioning at the low levels they do" by virtue of the little bit of raw food that does make its way into their SAD diet habits! Think about it!)

5.As a means of conserving our own Nerve Energy reserves, therefore, it is wise to consume as much of our food as possible in the raw, uncooked, unheated, "Live-Food Form." Eating cooked food is, thus, viewed as a form of self-destructive recreation!

6.The foods of The GetWellHStayWell Diet (1) Fresh & Dried Fruits, (2) Raw & Non-toxic Vegetables, (3) Fully Sprouted Grains & Legumes, (4) Unroasted, Raw Nuts & Seeds are all rich in enzymes, all totally sufficient