Energizing Exercise for Superlative Health!

Learn about the 3 special forms of exercise Stretching, Aerobics, and Weight-Training and why all 3 forms, practiced on a regular basis throughout your long life, are necessary for Superlative Health.

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REGULAR EXERCISE is Energy Enhancer #8 in The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene:

The 10 Energy Enhancers

1.Cleanliness Inside & Out

2.Pure Air

3.Pure Water

4.Adequate Rest & Sleep

5.The Ideal Diet of Fresh, Raw

Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds

All in Proper Combination

6.Right Temperatures

7.Adequate Sunlight

8.Regular Exercise

9.Emotional Balance

10.Nurturing Relationships.

Not only is REGULAR EXERCISE a great remedy for over-stress in one's life, acting like a healthful tranquilizer, REGULAR EXERCISE also has the overall effect of energizing The Health Seeker! When REGULAR EXERCISE is not given, all the muscles, bones, organs, glands, and especially the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems weaken and suffer physiological impairment. When the nervous system is weakened, the Nerve Energy it generates runs lower than necessary for Superlative Health; and elimination is checked. Toxemia builds, and disease sets in. (See Reports #1 - #3.) Conversely, The Health Seeker is the active person who is on a REGULAR EXERCISE program that methodically serves to have the net effect of strengthening every muscle, bone, organ, gland, and system in the body so that the entire body functions with high Nerve Energy, so that elimination is normal. And when Nerve Energy is high, when elimination is normal, and when The Health Seeker practices The 10 Energy Enhancers, Superlative Health is the natural result!

Following are the unique features and the unique benefits of the 3 forms of REGULAR EXERCISE necessary for this Superlative Health as presented in The Natural Hygiene System. This summary is taken from Victoria BidWell's 464-page, take-it-home, do-it-yourself manual: The Health Seekers' YearBook.

STRETCHING involves systematic sets of positions and is defined by the following unique features:

1.Stretching requires little exertion and little, if any, sweating.

2.Stretching uses a few to several repetitions.

3.Stretching employs slow motion with a sustained hold at the extreme of each position and rest between positions.

4.Stretching when practiced regularly can bring you to superlative flexibility and ease of movement within 2 months.


A regular stretching program BENEFITS:

1.Limbers up the body like nothing else can.

2.Stretches the musculature. This relieves aches and pains associated with muscle weakness, joint inflexibility, poor posture and especially, chronic, muscular fatigue.

3.Improves posture and sense of balance, grace, and poise.

4.Encourages positive body acceptance and body awareness.

5.Relaxes mental and emotional tension.

6.Reduces physical stress and fatigue.

AEROBICS involves systematic movements and is defined by the following unique features:

1.Aerobics requires much exertion and elicits sweating.

2.Aerobics uses many repetitions.

3.Aerobics employs fast motion without rest periods.

4.Aerobics when practiced regularly can bring you into a vastly improved, if not superlative, cardiovascular condition within 2 - 6 months.

A regular AEROBICS program BENEFITS:

1.The lungs process more air with less effort: the respiratory system strengthens. Rrespiration is aerobic.

2.The heart grows stronger and pumps more blood with each beat: cardiovascular strength and endurance increase.

3.The number and size of blood vessels carrying blood and nutrients to the body tissues increase: nutrition improves.

4.The lymphatic system is greatly stimulated such that the elimination of toxic waste is vastly increased: the possibility of creating Toxemia, therefore, greatly reduces.

WEIGHT-TRAINING involves systematic "sets" of movements and is defined by the following unique features:

1.Weight-training involves much exertion against resistance.

2.Weight-training uses many repetitions.

3.Weight-training employs slow motion with rest periods.

4.Weight-training, when practiced regularly, can multiply your present strength capabilities within a few months.


1.Builds muscle strength. The amount of force generated in an isolated movement of a single muscle or group of muscles is greatly increased. Respiation is anaroebic.

2.Builds muscle endurance. The number of times an individual can perform a particular contraction of force is improved... often several times over.

3.Redistributes the fat/muscle ration. Excess fatty tissue is reduced, while solid muscle tissue is added.

4.Defines the musculature. The body undergoes "sculpting." The female is made more beautiful, the male is made more handsome through distinctive muscle definition.

If Superlative Health is "A MUST HAVE " in your life, you MUST make REGULAR EXERCISE "A MUST DO!"



Study The Health Seekers' Yearbook for your best education on Natural Hygiene.