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Learn how to remove The Causes of Disease and to provide The Conditions for Health through The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene, with 10 easy-to-implement, energy-enhancing steps!

"Oh, My God! I'm Sick Because... I'm Toxic!"

This is a quote from a Health Seeker who upon speaking with me one day fully understood why her many years and tens of thousands of dollars spent on traditional medical doctors and conventional medical establishments had left her evermore descending into lower energy and further disease! Health Report #1 shows The Health Seeker The Truth about health and wellness, disease and demise. Health Report #1 reminds The Health Seeker that his or her body made up of more than 75 trillion cells, all performing countless, cooperative tasks during any given moment runs perfectly, according to natural, physiological, biochemical, musculoskeletal, neurological laws. And then Health Report #1 teaches us The Energy Enhancers to follow in order to cooperate with The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life so that we may regain the highest levels of energy the body must have to achieve a state of Superlative Health! Finally, Health Report #1 supplies the #1 contact for Pure Natural Hygiene information in America today from which you may receive an 80-page News Bulletin for your further Health Seeking education! Let us, in these 3 pages of Health Report #1, explore the basics of The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System known as... "Natural Hygiene."


Most of us are familiar with standard, conventional medical treatment today. It is clearly characterized by "The Medical Mentality" defined on the next page. Some of us, however, may not be aware that 1 out of 2 persons in America today who becomes sick seeks health care of an alternative thrust away from The Medical Mentality. And still fewer of us are aware of the best of these many alternative programs. In Health Report #1, you are being introduced to the best "The Superlative" of all the alternative health care systems out there today. It is "The Best" because it is based on how the body works, not on a false paradigm. Opposite "The Medical Mentality" are "The Basic Tenets of Natural Hygiene." They are your tickets to your Highest Health Potential to Superlative Health! Health Report #1 is a summary of The Hygienic System. Basically, it explains that we become sick because we become toxified by choosing an energy-robbing, unnatural

lifestyle. And we become toxic because, while we poison our bodies from within and without, we simultaneously run low on energy (Health Report #2). Once we become toxic, we begin "The Descent into Disease" (Health Report #3). Disease, therefore, is the result of an energy crisis in the toxic body! By practicing an energy-enhancing, energy-conserving way of life, the body restores its Nerve Energy which is then employed by the body to detoxify and make repairs and balance body chemistry and rejuvenate! It is a glorious and exciting process! The Health Seeker who follows the 10-step program looks and feels years younger sometimes in a matter of months! Aches and pains and other dis-ease symptoms disappear! Following is a summary of Victoria BidWell's 10-step program, adapted from Dr. Shelton's and pioneering Hygienists' "Basic Requisites of Life" and also presented as T.C. Fry's "22 Essentials of Health."

The 10 Energy Robbers

1.Uncleanliness Inside & Out

2.Impure Air

3.Impure Water

4.Inadequate Rest & Sleep

5.The Standard American Diet: Milk & Dairy, Meat, Bread & Cereal, Fruit & Vegetables (cooked & condimented)

6.Abnormal Temperatures

7.Inadequate Sunlight

8.Lack of Regular Exercise

9.Emotional Unbalance

10.Toxic Relationships



Study The Health Seekers' YearBook for your best education in Natural Hygiene.

The 10 Energy Enhancers

1.Cleanliness Inside & Out

2.Pure Air

3.Pure Water

4.Adequate Rest & Sleep

5.The Ideal Diet of Fresh, Raw

Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds

All in Proper Combination

6.Right Temperatures

7.Adequate Sunlight

8.Regular Exercise

9.Emotional Balance

10.Nurturing Relationships


For an 80-page News Bulletin on Natural Hygiene, send $3.oo to... Victoria BidWell at GetWell StayWell, America! 1776 The Hygiene Joy Way, Mt. Vernon, Washington 98273.

Study The Health Seekers' YearBook for your best education in Natural Hygiene.