The Medical Mentality at Its Worst VS Natural Hygiene at Its Best

1... NATURAL HYGIENE holds that health is the normal state of all living organisms and that health is maintained through natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes.

2... NATURAL HYGIENE holds that the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bodily tissues, bloodstream, and fluids brought on by the depletion of Nerve Energy reserves through wrong living habits. This state of self-poisoning is alternately termed: "Toxicosis," "Auto-Intoxication," and "Toxemia."

3... NATURAL HYGIENE views disease as orderly, backward degenerations at the cellular level as a result of Toxemia. In order to prevent these retrograde changes and to forestall devolutionary, degenerative changes in the actual structure and consequent function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems for as long as possible, the body isolates and/or eliminates abnormal accumulations of metabolic waste and ingested poisons. Such bodily conducted actions of elimination may be called "disease" (acute); but they actually serve to prevent further, degenerative (chronic) changes.

4... Because Toxemia is "The One Cause of All Disease," NATURAL HYGIENE refutes the concept that microorganisms or "germs" or "viruses" are the sole, causative factors of disease.

5... Because only the body is capable of instituting cleansing and healing processes, NATURAL HYGIENE rejects the ingestion of any substances which the body cannot metabolize and assimilate and which cannot be used in the normal, metabolic processes to thus be appropriated into bodily tissue and fluid. Such unnatural substances can only further enervate and poison the body and are not to be considered as "food" or "nutrition," in any way. Both medication and "quasi-food" substances typical of the chemicalized, processed Standard American Diet (SAD) are included in this enervating, poisoning category and are, therefore, health-threatening.

6... NATURAL HYGIENE recommends the following as "The Ideal Diet" and, therefore, as the only foods fit for the highest level of human health and well-being: whole, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, pre-pared in proper combination and eaten in moderation and when one is in a state of Emotional Balance.

7... NATURAL HYGIENE advocates fasting for some Health Seekers. Fasting provides physical, physiological, sensory, mental, emotional rest. This deep and almost total rest provides the body with the ideal conditions which are necessary for the regeneration of Nerve Energy and mandatory for the elimination

maintains that health is the personal responsibility of each individual and that God-given health, happiness, and Hygiene Joy are achieved only by the most conscientious and daily application of The 10 Energy Enhancers!



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1... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that a person can appear "perfectly healthy" one day and then be mysteriously, inexplicably stricken with a dreaded disease overnight.

2... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY supports a belief in "The Germ Theory" as originally proposed by Louis Pasteur: disease is caused by microorganisms or viruses foreign to the body, which they invade and use as a host.

3... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY holds that there are over 10,000 known and categorized and named diseases, each disease with its own cause or causes, known or unknown. Years of scientists' time and billions of dollars are spent annually, searching for the external causes of various diseases and their antidotes.

4... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY looks at the "disease pro-cess" as something which "happens to the body" and, therefore, as something which can and must be stopped: the symptoms must be palliated or suppressed; the body must, in some way, be "treated" with some sort of doctor-prescribed drug, treatment, or therapy to make the patient get well.

5... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY teaches you that illness is to be expected as the years advance as it is a normal part of the aging process. Doctors typically and cold-heartedly state: "You will just have to learn to live with it!" ("it" meaning "the pain and degeneration")... if standard medical treatment cannot help you.

6... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY is not interested in promot-ing dietary nutrition as an integral part of getting well or staying well, although it may make minor concessions such as recommending a reduction in dietary salt or the adoption of a weight loss program. The prevailing, pessimistic attitude, however, is that even if there were something to this "dietary nutrition," people would not change their eating habits, anyway. At its worst, The Medical Mentality does not have faith in the human being to change; a sense of hopelessness prevails.

7... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY looks at the practice of fasting to be synonymous with starvation; and it is, therefore, viewed as a form of dangerous extremism.

8... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY refuses to acknowledge the evidence that any alternative health care systems have any validity, whatsoever. It does this in the face of vast amounts of evidence and carefully kept records. Any improvement on the part of individuals under these alternative health care systems is attributed to chance or "spontaneous remission" or other causes; or the improvement is branded as "dangerous in the long run," regardless of how much the person has improved.

9... THE MEDICAL MENTALITY encourages both a belief in and a dependence on the medical/pharmaceutical complex as the final authority on all health questions and the only real source of knowledge and power that leads to individual health. Conformity to Establishment Thinking and The Medical Mentality are systematically and relentlessly conditioned and brainwashed into the minds of The American People through both subtle cues and open intimidation by those in power.

10... Under THE MEDICAL MENTALITY, you do subject yourself and your loved ones to continued medical treatment, disregarding reality: you will only get worse as the treatment continues. Furthermore, you will have no desire to search for a workable, alternative health care system and no desire to learn how to take personal responsibility for your own health.