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Dear Health Seekers! To understand the full value of Natural Hygiene as "The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System," you simply need to carefully study these Health Reports. Here, then, is... "The Hygienic System." While "The Medical Mentality at Its Worst" and conventional medicine are based on a false paradigm to begin with, The Hygienic System is based on The Natural, Physiological Laws of Life (Health Report #1). An understanding of these "Laws of Life" is imperative to the appreciation of what is... "The One Cause of All Disease." Next, let us get a basic grasp of a term unique to Natural Hygiene, a term essential to your understanding of just exactly why we Health Seekers practice The 10 Energy Enhancers with a such passion!


"NERVE ENERGY," in Hygiene, refers to the low-grade electricity generated by the brain that supplies current to and regenerates and repairs all tissues: bone, blood, skin, muscular, nervous, and glandular. The Health Seeker best appreciates the human body as a wondrous, electro-chemical power system! It is Nerve Energy that "runs the whole show," such that all bodily functions and especially nutrition through diet, air, and water and the elimination of toxins from endogenous and exogenous sources are performed within their normal parameters. The application of this understanding of this unique term is your key to the successful pursuit of a healthy life, liberty from disease, and Hygiene Joy! For when a person lives in a high state of Nerve Energy, the body has the vital force it needs to keep itself well-nourished and well-cleansed, free of disease, and full of vitality for the reasonable demands made upon it from an Hygienic lifestyle of moderation in all things good and avoidance of all things toxic! Joyful, Superlative Health results only when Nerve Energy is high and bodily toxicity is at healthful, homeostatic levels!


The brain can also be likened to a high-power battery that needs continual recharging on a daily and nightly basis. Its "low-grade electricity" can be "recharged" in 1 of 4 ways:

1.ADEQUATE SLEEP: See Common Health Sense Volume I: Issue #1 and Health Report #7 for the very best teachings on Sleep in all of Hygienic literature!


3.COMPLETE REST time spent in Hygienic fasting

4.QUIET, STILL TIME spent in meditation, biofeedback, prayer, or some such calming inactivity proven to provide deep rest to the mind and body.


"Nerve Energy" is a term unique to Natural Hygiene and to us Natural Hygienists. It has a specialized definition. It should in no way be likened to or confused with the word "energy" as you have formerly used it. Unless you have already been introduced to this term, "Nerve Energy," by some Hygiene-minded person, do understand that it is in no way similar to "plain, old energy." "Nerve Energy," therefore, in no way refers to the "kick" or the "exhilaration" or the "rush" you get from bubbly soda pop or a thrilling horseback ride or a fiery fit of rage! To fully envision your life as "Health Seekers Satisfied," to fully see the possibilities of the richness awaiting you, a full distinction between "Nerve Energy" and "plain, old energy" must be appreciated:

"PLAIN, OLD ENERGY": refers to...

anything... the body consumes in the form of food & drink,

anything... the body uses in the form of muscular output,

anything... the body generates in the form of heat,

anything... the body burns in the form of calories,

anything... the body employs to secrete fluids,

anything... the body experiences in the form of stimulation,

anything... the body ingests to get "hyped up" or excited,

anything... the body expends in the form of mental activity,

anything... the body exudes in the form of charisma,

anything... the body stores in the form of potential activity.

In other words, anything the mind and body consume from the outside, anything the mind and body generate in the form of creative thoughts or mental constructs or emotional output, anything the mind and body exert in the form of muscular output is not "Nerve Energy." We may experience these activities, these "anythings" as stimulating and even feel fully energized by their undertaking. But what we are engaging in with these "anythings" is the expenditure of Nerve Energy, not the generation of Nerve Energy!

The generation of Nerve Energy by contrast is a quiet, still, motionless, and mind-emotion, silent time of virtually complete non-activity! Nerve Energy is generated when we sleep, when we are still or at rest or catnapping, when we are fasting, when we are deep into the quiet time of a relaxation technique known to provide deep rest. Scientists can now actually measure the manifestations of Nerve Energy when they use their sophisticated technology and hook a human subject up to their machines. Deep Rest and Sleep show unique brain wave patterns on the electroencephalogram, and deep Rest and Sleep also show a mind and body response the opposite to "The Fight or Flight Response."


Study The Health Seekers' YearBook for your best education in Natural Hygiene