1.Use of low-quality food which is both unnatural and toxic to humans: meat, dairy products, eggs, refined grains, junky foods, and over-cooked fruits and vegetables.

2.Destruction of food's nutritional value: through cooking, processing, and refining.

3.Use of protoplasmic poisons in the preparation and preserving and garnishing of food: especially salt, condiments, and any number of over 10,000 known chemical additives. why all this emphasis on eating whole food instead of fraGMented food?

why all this emphasis on eating raw food instead of cooked food?

why all this emphasis on eating plant food instead of food from animals?

The answers to these questions are long and detailed. GetWellHStayWell, America! offers over 300 books, audios, and videos that answer these questions. Nevertheless, a short answer can be provided here. The emphasis on whole, raw, plant foods over fragmented, cooked, and/or animal products is that the former offer superlative nutrition, while the latter offer inferior nutrition. (It is no scientific secret that heat applied to food destroys much nutritional value.) Note that The Ideal Diet, Energy Enhancer #5 in The Hygienic System, is set within a context of a total health care system of 9 other Energy Enhancers. But because diet impacts the overall health of the individual so profoundly, it is supremely important among the other 9 Energy Enhancers. Indeed, it is only through superlative nutrition that Superlative Health can be found. And thus, The Ideal Diet is The Health Seeker's dietary part of the ticket to A HEALTHY LIFE... LIBERTY... and THE SUCCESSFULL PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! IF THE IDEAL DIET IS JUST TOO RAW FOR YOU, THEN DO TRANSITION!

1.At least, switch to fruit for breakfast even the very least ambitious Health Seeker who simply wants to slow down the rate at which his body degenerates can do that.

2.As soon as possible, work up to 60% raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds as the bulk quantity of food you eat on any given day. Most people who do this find such immediately delightful health benefits that they start wondering what 70% all-raw would bring and then what health benefits 80% all-raw would bring! Most Hygienists settle in at 80% all-raw, often with days at a time all-raw, and seldom with cooked food more than once a day.

3.Immediately, avoid the very worst of the foods from The Standard American Diet: the junk foods and all the chemicalized, processed, refined, over-cooked, greasy, sugary, fat-filled, and/or fried foods; as well as all flesh foods, alcohol, condiments, refined grains, and dairy.

4.Limit your use of recipes that involve cooking. Aim to get to the point where you take no more than one cooked dish at a meal and no more than 2 - 3 times a week, if you can. Better yet, take Ideal Food that is cooked only 1 - 2 times weekly. If cook you must, do your cooking conservatively: lightly steam the vegetables, and serve them while still "almost crunchy."

5.Stick to raw foods. THINK "RAW." Remember, the more living food on a daily basis, the better. Experiment with all-raw meals and all-raw days and all-raw weeks when you are ready.

6.Set up a "Victory Kitchen" to help launch your trek to Superlative Health! Write to GetWellHStayWell, America! An 80-page News Bulletin is waiting for you. Here you will find inexpensive and delightful recipe books on Pure Natural Hygiene and Near Pure Natural Hygiene that will give you endless ideas for raw food menus and raw food recipes, as well as ideas for dining on conservatively cooked foods. These materials will assist you tremendously!



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