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#1...Take time daily to practice Energy Enhancer #1 Cleanliness, by washing and grooming and loving your body, His temple, as you do so. Cleanliness on the level of the bodily fluids and tissues will be taken care of by your body itself as you practice all The Energy Enhancers and abandon all The Energy Robbers.

#2...Taking in Pure Air only, Energy Enhancer #2, is a hard one. If the air where you live is not ideal, you may want to invest in a home air purification system; and you may want to exercise away from highly polluted trafficways. These 2 measures will help you greatly. Also, avoid sidestream smoke whenever possible.

#3...Drink distilled water only! Energy Enhancer #3. Review page 27 of The YearBook.

#4...Get plenty of sleep nightly. Make time to take a nap every day: this won't be easy, if you work. If you cannot nap during the day, crash immediately upon getting home and rest with no distractions, whatsoever! Energy Enhancer #4.

#5...Avoid extremes in temperatures, Energy Enhancer #7. Exposure to such extremes can be enervating.

#6...Each week of the 6 weeks, read through 2 months of "The Year in 'Ideal Food for Thought' " in Chapter 13 of The YearBook. These quotes will greatly reinforce your healthful living habits. Read and reread the quotes.

#7...Make a list of all the people whom you need to forgive and who need your forgiveness. Do not leave yourself out of this list! Addictions to self-destructive substances alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and SAD foods and addiction to self-destructive emotions fear, hatred, jealously, greed, sexual perversions, fame, revenge, and so on and on and on are the direct manifestation of unforgiveness and feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness. The Beatles were right as they travelled in The Yellow Submarine on their quest to rescue Pepperland from The Blue Meanies and Bonkers! ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!! We must seek Emotional Balance and Freedom from Addictions. We must cultivate high self-esteem and a purposeful life with meaningful goals. We must nurture our relationships with unconditional love if we are to GetWell and StayWell, if we are to be free of the downward pull into addiction and disease. So embrace Energy Enhancers #9 and #10! Make your list. Then actively and with 1000% of your being... "FORGIVE EVERYONE EVERYTHING!!!"

WEEKS #1 & #2...

·Work toward The Ideal Diet as described on page 103 of The YearBook. Start in the form of True Transition on page 188 and use "GetWell Guidelines to Get off SAD Food" on page 192. Allow yourself fruit for breakfast, a raw fruit or vegetable salad during the day, and cooked food once a day, if you are craving it. Fresh-made juices will be a blessing to those going through alcohol withdrawal. Make plenty and enjoy. The dried fruits and Oleta's cookies will help replace cravings once satisfied by the death-dealing cigarettes and jitter-producing caffeine. Ideal and True Transition foods will replace SAD foods.

·Clean the caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and SAD foods you are working to come off of out of your home!

·Take sunbaths 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. If you cannot take a full sunbath, at least let the sun fall on your body somewhere. Never sunbathe the face more than 20 minutes at a time. This is the biggest aging factor next to alcohol and cigarettes and emotional distress there is! Get a little sun, even when it is chilly.

·Start an exercise program! Only you know what you can and cannot do! If you have been totally inactive, start with a simple 20 minute walk. Walk briskly, if you can. Or simply stroll. But start moving. Go through the stretching routine on pages 41 and 42 of The YearBook 3 times a week. Get moving!!!

·Fast for one full 24 hour period once during the weeks. Of course, make it a day that you do not work. Fast in the true sense of the word giving your body complete rest. Leave the television alone. REST...REST...REST.

·Reflect on your task of forgiving everybody everything. Realize that you cannot GetWell& StayWell, that you cannot get free of addicting substances or SAD foods unless you do... FORGIVE EVERYONE EVERYTHING! The addicting chemicals and stimulating, SAD foods are the very fuels that keep you deep in your addictions and their continual use is precipitated by the physiological discomfort of unforgiveness in your body and heart! GetFree to GetWell! Actually make the list of people you need to forgive. WEEKS #3 & #4...

·Continue on The True Transition to The Ideal Diet. Take cooked food only 4 meals a week, instead of 7.

·Set up a "Victory Kitchen" as described in Chapter 8 of The YearBook. Make sure that there is no caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine in your home. Keep the SAD foods which you are vowing to avoid out of your home!

·Increase your sunbaths to 5 a week. Remember to guard your face!

·If it is comfortable to you, increase your walks to 30 to 40 minutes four times a week. If your body feels comfortable with the daily stretching routine out of The YearBook, do that, as well. MOVE! MOVE!! MOVE!!! STUDY OVER AND OVER "CHAPTER 3" IN THE YEARBOOK ALL THE GREAT INFORMATION ON EXERCISE! There is nothing like regular, systematic exercise for your body! DO IT WITH GUSTO!

·Now take a 36 hour fast once a week. Remember to truly fast: take distilled water only and rest.

·Spend an extra hour a day these 2 weeks in bed, either an earlier bedtime or sleep in later. Or take a second napping period. Ideally, this time will be spent in sleep. If you do not sleep, at least rest totally. No television or loud music or conversation. Just rest. To rightly prepare, read, study, underline, and highlight "Chapter One The Declaration of Health Independence" one more time For GetWell Measure! Really make the concept of "Nerve Energy" part of your reality!!! You cannot GetWell without full restoration of your Nerve Energy supplies. See page 20 of The Health Seekers' YearBook. You can replenish your Nerve Energy supplies in only 4 ways: sleep, rest, fasting, and quiet time. A supplemental way to replenish your Nerve Energy is to avoid further squandering your reserves by minimizing the Endogenous poisoning and eliminating the Exogenous poisoning of the body as pointed out on page 12. Get into "Chapter One" again.

·Begin the honest and sincere, from-the-heart practice of... FORGIVING EVERYONE EVERYTHING. Seek out the people on your list from the last 2 weeks: approach these people face-to-face or write or call them. If they have passed on to the other side or you have lost complete track of them, write out your letter and say what you have to say, anyway. Let go of all resentments and replace those bitter-sad-fear feelings with unconditional love. Realize that we are all doing the best we possibly can, given our own past experiences, our own faulty programming, our own lack of awareness or false awarenesses. Forgive... forgive... forgive. Let love replace resentments and hatreds. Let peace replace adrenaline and fear. Only then will you find giving up the addicting substances of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and SAD foods a joyful, loving experience.

WEEKS #5 & #6...

·Go on The All-Raw, All-Ideal Diet all the way, every day! But if you fall off the wagon, joyfully and forgivingly get back on.

·Sunbathe daily.

·Take a walk of 30 to 40 minutes five times a week. Take a daily stretching session of at least 20 minutes every day. Then read Dr. Vetrano's weight-training section in "Chapter 3" of The YearBook and start following as much of her program as your state of fitness state will comfortably allow. Now, you are into the full 3-pronged exercise program that your body truly needs! Congratulations!

·Spend 10 hours a day in bed, either sleeping in later or going to bed earlier. Your body cannot GetWell and StayWell without heavy doses of rest. These 10 hours are in addition to the nap time. Just for now, for these 2 weeks, spend these extra hours in resting and restoring your Nerve Energy.

·Make time to go on a 2 day fast on distilled water only. Again, make this an Hygienic fast, and rest... rest... rest. Use the time to reflect on how your life has changed due to the forgiveness you have been practicing. And take time now to begin consciously practicing gratitude!!! Life is so much richer when we express our gratitude for all we have and all that has been given to us, for all we have learned from all of life's experiences.

God Bless You, Dear & Sincere Health Seeker. May You GetWell & StayWell,


HEALTH REPORT #4 Page #3-4