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In the Hygienic literature that abounds, you will often see the term "transition" to refer to menus and recipes that do not follow The Ideal Diet to the letter. But "transition" is a useful term only if it has limits and does not include everything that is not a fruit or a vegetable!!! The Ideal, Hygienic Diet is serving to bring to The American People an energy-conservative, nontoxic, wholesome diet that will not add to individual Enervation and Toxemia. Only The Ideal Diet, ideally prepared, will do this. As True Health Seekers are making the transition from The Sickening, SAD Diet to The Ideal, however, they must be leery of SAD menus and recipes promoted as "transition." It does no favor to The Suffering Class of America to teach them Natural Hygiene while presenting The SAD Diet, just because it is easier to sell! We must uphold our ideals and reach for our Highest Health Potentials, all the while! For only by preserving the purity of The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System of Natural Hygiene can we Health Revolutionists then offer The Suffering Masses on a pure and solid silver platter "The Truth about How to GetWell & StayWell!" The need arises, therefore, for a definition of menus and recipes that are, indeed, "TRUE TRANSITION" and not just an irresponsible, exploitative, and dangerous "ANYTHING GOES" definition. Please note the following, as it points out what may rightfully qualify as "TRUE TRANSITION" on the way to The Ideal Diet.

#1... First, recall from Chapter Five of The YearBook, that Ideal Foods are wholesome, nontoxic, whole, raw, plant foods that meet the "13 Criteria" detailed therein. You need to know full well what are The Ideal Foods! Any food item that does not fit this Ideal will fall into 1 of 2 categories: SAD or True Transition.

#2... Further recall that SAD foods are all flesh and dairy products, all processed condiments, all refined and stripped grains and sugars, all refined oils, and all junk foods. The fruits and vegetables that have been salted, chemicalized, and jazzed up into processed dishes are also SAD foods. Only the unsalted, plain albeit cooked fruits and vegetables can be considered even marginally "True Transition." "True Transition Foods," by GetWellHStayWell definition, therefore, can never rightfully include any of the following: meat in any form red, white, chicken, or fish; dairy products in any form milk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, and so on; processed condiments in any form salt, sea salt, pepper, hot peppers, spices so strong they burn to the taste, hot curry, tamari, soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, and so on; refined carbohydrates in any form stripped grains and refined sugars; alcohol in any form cooking and recreational; baking leaveners in any form powder and soda; refined oils and fats in any form vegetable and animal. These are all SAD foods to begin with! And they are all cooked! They are all just too toxic and just too energy-expensive to digest to qualify as "True Hygienic Transition," by anyone who wants to preserve The Ideal-Hygienic Diet as "The Superlative Alternative!" They all just lead to Enervation and Toxemia. Do understand that when you prepare menus and recipes with SAD Foods as detailed in The YearBook, you are not doing Natural Hygiene. You are not even doing True Transition!

#3... "TRUE TRANSITION FOODS" are hereby limited by GetWellHStayWell definition to Ideal Foods that have been cooked or frozen and to Ideal Foods that remain uncooked but that have undergone some manner of food preparation such as shredding, blending, chopping, juicing, mashing, and/or mixing. The True Transition Foods also include dried and powdered vegetables, as well as legumes and mushrooms, and small amounts of the following to be dropped from your diet as soon as possible: the mild herbs and spices that do not burn to the taste and small amounts from the onion and garlic family to be used as flavorings.

#4... One last point, "TRUE TRANSITION MENUS & RECIPES" do include some less-than-perfect food combinations to achieve certain taste-and-texture treats: such compromises to be used on rare occasions only.

In the final analysis, please note that "TRUE TRANSITION MENUS & RECIPES" are a long ways from their pathogenic and all-too-SAD counterparts. Only "TRUE TRANSITION MENUS & RECIPES" are on their way to The Ideal, with a minimum of jazzing up and a maximum of proper food combining!