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Hygienizing SAD Fruit & Veggie

Dear Salad Adventurists & Adventuresses!

During a recent recreation visit to Value Village, I sat down on the "sofas for sale" and rummaged through colorful Better Homes and Gardens recipe books centering around fruits and veggies. So many of the dishes, with just a few GetWellHStayWell creative touches could be fully enjoyed by all of us Hygienists! I present those "Secret Touches" here, followed by 4 pages of "Hygienized Recipes Straight from Better Homes and Gardens!"

#1 BE SELECTIVE: COMPLETELY THROW OUT HOPELESSLY SAD RECIPES. In most SAD recipe books with fruit and veggies as the centerpieces, many of the recipes are Hygienizable. But some just are not: ignore these, and focus on the salvageable!

#2 SERVE YOUR SALADS WITH TRUE TRANSITION, HYGIENIZED SALAD DRESSINGS. Remember, the many salad dressing recipes straight from Chapter 10 of The Health Seekers' YearBook. And also, remember, a dressing can be as simple as just lemon juice or orange juice or carrot juice or any juice! And, of course, fruit salads don't really need a dressing at all. Besides, now, you have... "The GetWellHStayWell Sugar Bowl" to serve at your table, too!

Arnold Shirclilffe, in a book of salads, warned us of the "powerful irritating effects" of SAD salad dressing ingredients. He reminded us that most seldom experience these effects for the first many years of their lives, because the delicate mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract are supplied with comparatively few nerves of sensations. One does not experience the toxic effects and consequent pathology until, usually, years into a condimented lifestyle. But in time, these effects add up to a significant Remote Source of Toxemia. Shircliffe further reminded us that toxic salad dressings also... "create an artificial appetite, similar to the incessant craving of the chronic dyspeptic whose irritable stomach is seldom satisfied. Drinking alcoholic drinks and the excessive use of condiments are two of the greatest causes of gluttony, since they remove the sense of satiety by which Nature says: 'Enough!'" Again "See Chapter 10 of The YearBook. "


#3 MOST RECIPES ALREADY USE ALL RAW INGREDIENTS. DO SUBSTITUTE ALL RAW INGREDIENTS FOR COOKED or canned, OR OTHERWISE PROCESSED, WHENEVER POSSIBLE. And note that it is almost always possible! Except for veggies that absolutely must be eaten cooked (such as artichokes and eggplant), you can always substitute raw. But certainly, whenever the recipe specifies, for instance, "canned pears," you can use fresh!

#4 IF YOU ARE PRESENTLY COMMITTED TO EATING "ALL RAW," PLEASE, NEVER COMPROMISE YOURSELF FOR THE SAKE OF A RECIPE! Throw the salad out if it is built completely around cooked food and if you cannot come up with a pleasing substitution. Do not compromise yourself, and do not ruin your all-raw record! And never let "a recipe" be "an excuse" for falling off The Wagon!

#5 USE NUT MILKS FOR DAIRY. When "milk" and "cream" and "sherbet" and "ice cream" and so on are called for in the SAD salad recipes, you do have the "NUT MILK SECRETS." Most of the time, Nut Milks and their derivatives will substitute beautifully!


#7 VISUALIZE & "IMAGINATE" AS YOU READ THE SALAD RECIPE: SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE EACH DISH A WORK OF ART! This is a fun and creative challenge! VISUALIZE. Turn your salads into Garden of Eden masterpieces!

#8 BRING IN FOODS THE AUTHOR OF THE RECIPES NEVER THOUGHT OF USING TO ADD EVEN MORE High-LIFE TO THE ADVENTURE! You can use such simple, common, inexpensive foods! Or you can use the expensive and the exotic! Get out your list of Hygienic foods available. Do not forget the whimsical sprouts and the many dried fruits!

#9 GARNISH! GARNISH! GARNISH! Fruits and Veggies are natural garnishes! What fun you can have making "a nest" with sprouts and "boats" with cucumbers! It is endless, Hygienic garnishing made for eating!


A Bookful of GetWell StayWell, Great Gift Recipes! Page 10