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2 Sweet Ways to Fill Your GetWellHStayWell Sugar Bowl!

From ... to Dear GetWell Friends! You can now dig out your favorite, old-time Sugar Bowl, dust it off, and fill it with "Hygiene Sugar!" Following are 2 ways. I stumbled on the first way one day when I had made a batch of fresh tomato juice and tasted it. Because the tomatoes were not very tasteful to begin with and I was SADly remembering the satisfying, salty taste of V-8 from the supermarket and my juice was soooo bland, I looked around and found grapes. I added just a cupful of grape juice to the big jug of tomato juice. And WOW! It was just like I had poured in the pure cane sugar from the SAD sugar bowl but with grapey sweetness!!! So,too, can you... "Fill Your GetWellHStayWell Sugar Bowl" with a liquid sweetness! Or you can fill The Bowl with a solid sweetness, as detailed below. Now, when you want to drizzle sugary liquid into a True Transition Recipe or you want to scoop on "giant, sugary spoonfuls," you can! E-N-J-O-Y!

IDEA #1: You Can Fill Your GetWellStayWell Sugar Bowl with "Liquid Sweetness!"

Select very sweet and juicy fruit to begin with. Grapes are perfect. So are any very sweet and very juicy fruits on hand: pineapple, nectarines, mangos, cherries. Clean, peel, and pit the fruit, of course; and run it through your juicer. Fill your Hygiene Sugar Bowl. Keep The Bowl refrigerated when not on the table.

Or you can have a highly concentrated Liquid Sweetness by simply freezing the juice in a tall bottle. Then, once frozen hard, take it out of the freezer and pay attention for the next hour or 2. When the tall, frozen column of juice inside the jar is half thawed, pour that juice off into your Hygiene Sugar Bowl and refrigerate. Use the 2nd half of the thawed juice for drinking. Note that when a juice thaws half way like this, the syrupy sweetness highly concentrates into that which thaws first!


IDEA #2: You Can Fill Your GetWellStayWell Sugar Bowl with "Giant, Sugary Spoonfuls!"

Select very sweet and dried fruit to begin with. Dates, raisins, currants, cherries, and figs are perfect. So are any dried fruit on hand, although some may need to be soaked before preparation, such as: chewy pineapple, banana strips, mango strips, apples, and nectarines. You can hand-mince these sticky fruits until the pieces scoop up into a spoon. Or, in your VITA-MIX or blender, add a tiny amount of water or juice. And spin on very "low" or very "high" speed, depending on the consistency you want: giant, stiff, sugary mounds or smooth, soft, sugary spoonfuls!

Or you can find the soft variety persimmons or yummy cherimoyas or fresh figs or very sweet bananas or any other very sweet, soft fruit. Give them a whirl until they, too, can be served up by the spoonful!


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