Introducing Living Foods to Your Child:

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Introducing Living Foods to Your Child:

Guidebook for Babies through 2 Years

First, a few words from Beth Montgomery: I wrote this booklet after introducing Living-Foods to my own children. When I began making changes to our diet, I could not find any information on feeding very young children raw foods. It was overwhelming! (Victoria's Note: When GetWell gets on The World Wide Web, this will never be a problem again! Please make your CLOUD PLEDGES, Dear GetWell Friends, if you have not, so we can... HELP THESE PEOPLE!) There were entire aisles in the grocery store of jars of baby food; but when I read the "nutrition labels, "I found them to be void of almost all nutrients. I wanted the best for my children, as I am sure every parent does. By trial and error, and with the help of a few friends, we changed how we ate. By the time my boys were 24 months old and 9 months old, we had succeeded in modifying our eating habits, and I had a wealth of information to share. Parents completely new to this way of eating are at a loss on how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the diets of their young children. What a SAD statement this is about our society! There are a few books about feeding children raw foods. But any that do mention babies do so only briefly, if at all, and move on to school-age immediately. My hope is this booklet will fill the gap and make it a pleasure to start America's children on a healthy path. Feeding babies Living-Foods doesn't have to be hard. "It can be easy! And it is fun!"



Coconut Milk

This recipe is easy and delicious! Just open up a fresh, young coconut; and strain the water from the meat. For even more nutrients and less waste, run the meat through the juicer; and then blend the juice thoroughly for extra smoothness. Babies and children love this milk! You can find young coconuts at some grocery stores and at almost all Asian markets. Be sure to get the fresh, young coconut and not a small, dry, hard-inside coconut. This will assure you get a tender coconut with lots of sweet milk.

Banana "Fries"

My oldest son named these. When they are done, they do look a lot like French fries; but these are sweet and delicious and nutritious! Take a banana and cut horizontally so you have two fat halves. Quarter each of the halves so that you have what looks like with a stretch of the imagination "banana french fries." Dehydrate at 105 for 17 hours. May take 24 hours if you have a big batch or if "fries" aren't sliced thinly enough. If you want chewy fries, of course, dry them less! Once the banana is partially dehydrated, you can press your favored nut into the banana for a chewy-nutty treat!

Banana Nut Sandwiches

Remove curved ends of a banana. Slice remaining straight banana section lengthwise. Spread ground walnuts high on one slice. Cover with remaining slice to make a sandwich. Any variety of nut will do. Wrap in a leaf or two of lettuce to make sure you child gets his lettuce for the day.


  Veggie Crackers

Take pulp from apple/carrot/celery juice. Press into thin crackers. Add seasonings, if desired. Dehydrate at 105 for 17 hours or until crispy.


1 banana, sliced

5 strawberries, sliced

1 Tablespoon almond butter or any nut butter

If you make the nut butter fresh, use 6 almonds and 2 whole walnuts. Mix all ingredients. (Victoria's Note: Beth uses honey in this recipe, drizzled over the dish. You can make a honey substitute so easily by blending a soft, dried fruit or a softened-by-soaking dried fruit with a little water or juice. In any recipe, you can drizzle this "Hygienic Honey" over your recipe. And in this recipe, you can, too!)

Coconut Yummy!

Although I use this as a dessert, it also works well to get your children to eat their vegetables at any meal. Grate 1 carrot, making a first layer of carrots. Finely dice 1/2 stalk of celery for a second layer. Add 1/4 of one red apple, chopped for the third layer. Top the 3 layers with 1 Tablespoon grated coconut meat and serve. Other vegetables may be used, too. (Victoria's Note: We Hygienists seldom eat a "dessert," in the conventional sense. T.C. Fry always said: "Every fruit meal is a dessert!" I do know some Hygienists who, at a Thanksgiving meal, will wait a few hours after the main course and indulge in an actual "dessert.")


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