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The GetWell StayWell Victory Kitchen was never the same once the VITA-MIX joined the rest of the appliances! I had always thought the VITA-MIX was just a glorified and over-sized and over-priced blender! When going beyond these misconceptions, however, I found myself using the VITA-MIX joyously and daily! The most fun of all food preparations so far with this mighty VITA-MIX has been in making Nut Milk Nuances. Below, I share some of these Nut Milk Adventures. WARNING: In making the Nut Milk Nuances without a VITA-MIX, you will want to grind your nuts first or soak them overnight, then use a blender and run on "long and high," then strain the nut milk intensely. Even then, it will not be the "smooth as silk Nut Milk" the VITA-MIX yields but the recipes (even if you forego straining and put up with the grit) will still be nutritious and tasty! As T.C. Fry used to say in parting: "ENJOY!"


2/3 cup nuts of your choosing & 3 cups distilled water

·Liquefy nuts and water on "High" speed until a silky, smooth Nut Milk results.

·This Nut Milk recipe is not sweet: I prefer "The Sweet Nut Milk Secrets" below.


·Add 1/4 cup dried fruit more or less, to suit your sweet tooth to the above recipe and proceed. Dates are the basic sweetener. But any sweet fruit may be used: pineapple, raisins, prunes, persimmons, apricots, figs, and all dried fruits, really.

·The first time I made this recipe, I was in awe! Now, an Hygienist has a completely wholesome milk alternative!

MORE SWEET SECRETS The Nut Milk Nuances...

·The VITA-MIX, if left on "High" for 3 - 4 minutes, will even heat the Nut Milk so that you may serve a "warm and frothy milk," just like grandma used to serve!

·A rich and satisfying Nut Milk can easily make an entire meal!

·Try every flavor of Nut Milk possible to discover your favorites!

·Try every flavor of dried fruit in "The Sweet Nut Milk Secrets" to discover your favorites! For instance, pistachio-cashew Nut Milk, sweetened with dried pineapple!

·Try using a combination of 2 nuts. Hazel and walnuts, for instance, are great, and


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