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Get Well Continues with The Revival of Rare & Out-of-Print Hygiene!

All Well-Protected in a 3-ring, slant-ring notebook.

GetWell's Cost for All 4 = $55.oo!!!


BOOK #1... Getting Well

· 248 pages · NOW $18.oo through my distributor. (Originally Titled: "The Joys of Getting Well!" )

A great title Dr. Shelton was always talking about "Getting Well and Staying Well!" In this particular book, Dr. Shelton offers Natural Hygiene as the best hope for true recovery from illness and for lasting health. He defines "A Common Health Sense Approach to Health and Disease." These are some of Dr. Shelton's very best essays.

CHAPTER TITLES: What Is Health? · The Rationale of Disease · Compensation in Disease · Laws Govern Disease · Psychology VS Voodooism · The Story of Useless Organs · The Fun of Being Sick? · How to Get Well! · Why Drugs? · Curing Arthritis · Endocarditis · Peptic Ulcer Cause & Remedy · What Are Tumors? · Rat Pen

BOOK #2... Health for All

· 216 pages · NOW $16.oo through my distributor. This great classic presents several essays that dispel numerous medical misconceptions and that expose The Medical Mentality for what it is bunk and brainwashing! Dr. Shelton then offers the Natural Hygiene understanding of both health and disease. His major premise is that Hygiene is not an exclusive system that only works for specific cases of illness but that Hygienic living is applicable to all Health Seekers hence the appropriateness of the title of this classic: "Health for All."

CHAPTER TITLES: Physiological Lawfulness · Disease as a Vital Process · Organic Unity Its Relation to Cure · Toxemia · Foci of Infection · Health First · Half-Way Houses of Science · Allergy · The Fallacy of Diagnosis · Rational Care of the Sick · Reform VS Cure · Avoiding and Remedying Colds · What Caused the Quints' Tonsillar Trouble? · Bronchitis · Hay Fever · The Ductless Glands · Goitre · Colitis · Peptic Ulcer · Diabetes Mellitus · Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout · High Blood Pressure · Acne · Goodbye to Neuralgia · Neuritis · Infantile Paralysis · Fasting for Children · Fasting in Heart Disease · Hunger Pains · Gluttony a Neurosis · Fasting & the Teeth · Fictional Objections to Fasting · Exercise & The Heart · Mixing Acids with Proteins · Autolyzing Tumors

BOOK #3... The Principles of Natural Hygiene by Dr. Shelton and Essays on The History of Natural Hygiene by selected authors · 94 pages · NOW $11.oo through my distributor.

This book holds "The Basic Teachings" of Doctors Issac Jennings, Trall, Tilden, and of physiologist Sylvester Graham. Essays by 19th century Health Revolutionists include: Dr. James Jackson, Dr. Susanna Dodds, and Dr. Robert Walter. It is interesting to note that most of the contributors were first conventional "Medicine Men" of standing in their time. This book was written for The Health Seeker who is also "a student at heart" and who is, therefore, always intrigued in the origins of Natural Hygiene.

CHAPTER TITLES: The Basic Health Teachings of Dr. Isaac Jennings · of Sylvester Graham · of Dr. R.T. Trall · of J.H. Tilden · Principles of Natural Hygiene by Dr. H.M. Shelton · Jennings on Vitality & Disease · Graham's Lectures on Science of Human Life · Impaired Elimination by Dr. James Jackson · Sunlight by Dr. Susanna Dodds · Natural Hygiene Science by Dr. Robert Walter · Toxemia by Tilden · The Unity & Simplicity of Disease by Clements · Letters from Famous Health Reformers

BOOK #4... Living Life to Live It Longer: A Study in Orthobionomics, Orthopathy, and Healthful Living · 139 pages · NOW $14.oo through my distributor!

"Longevity through Hygienic Living" is the theme of this book. To quote Dr. Shelton: "The advantage of correct principles is that they are eternal and do not have to be traded in for a new model every season! The ceaseless change of both principles and methods one sees in the popular systems of medicine should discredit them with the intelligent." The theme of this work is that... "We cannot have long life handed to us on a silver platter. It is of our own making and comes from a mode of living that conforms to the laws of life." Dr. Shelton ends with this main longevity theme: "Abolish medicine in all its forms, and human life will increase by an average of 10 years in a decade!"

CHAPTER TITLES: Man Is Made for Longevity · Findings of Biologists · The Body's Provisions for Nutrition & Drainage · How Bodily Efficiency Is Impaired · 3 Chapters: Habits that Kill · Nature's Provision for Living · Temperance & Wholesomeness · Health Law Reigns · Machine-Made Longevity · Follies of "Science" · Medicine Shortens Life

Victoria, please send me ____ copies of GetWellHStayWell, America!'s 4 DR. SHELTON BOOKS IN 1, as described: My "BookList" total is $58.5o postpaid.

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