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"In the final analysis, we must regard beauty, health, and youth as intimately related. To the extent that you preserve one in your physical being, you also preserve the others. The uncooked fruit and vegetable diet, pure water, sleep and rest, sunshine, strong relationships, exercise, fresh air, fasting if necessary, and abstinence from drugs, vaccines, serums, and other toxins these are the prime requirements in your attempt to preserve your youth, health, and beauty as long as you can. The Hygienic mode of living will permit you to be healthy and happy in your old age. It will provide you with a strong, well-formed body, free from disease, even as you approach the proverbial three score and ten mark. You will change a little in appearance as the years roll by, but you never need to become so feeble and decrepit that you have lost all of your natural beauty. The Hygienic System offers you the closest possible approach to The Fountain of Youth, the only method of living which can remove, once and for all, the ravages of senility."

This statement has been quoted from

The Fountain of Youth, by Arnold Devries

Dear GetWell Friends In closing, let me remind you to order Dr. Shelton's beauty book. It has long occurred to me that "beauty" and "health" and "youthfulness in spirit and energy and creativity and zest for life" were completely intertwined. It is interesting to note that other Hygienic educators saw the inseparable nature of the beauty, health, and youth, as well.


What Does Get Well Off That Dr. Sheton Produced Part II, Page 23