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By... Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Out-of-print since 1978!



316 Pages · $13.00 · Use "The BookList." Or Order Below.

Foreword · Introduction · "Fasting" Defined · Fasting among the Lower Animals · Long Fasts in Man · The Metabolism During The Fast · The Faster's Sumptuous Fare · Constructive Changes in The Fast · Mental Effects of Fasting · Losses During The Fast · Replenishment · Hunger · Objections to The Fast · Fasting and Drugs · Not a Cure · When, Where, and How Long to Fast · While Fasting · Crises in Fasting · Strength in The Fast · Breakfast · Living after The Fast · Another Kind of Fast · Fasting in Health · Rejuvenation · Fasting for Reducing Weight · Drug Addiction · Fasting in Acute Disease · Fasting in Chronic Disease · Separate Diseases · Affections of The Respiratory System · Affections of The Digestive System · Rheumatic Affections · Miscellaneous Affections · Glaucoma · A Way of Life · Index

"There is hardly a time of life or a condition of body in which a fast cannot be helpful. There are conditions in which it must be undertaken with caution and should not be undertaken except under competent supervision, and there are conditions in which it should not be extended, but these states do not militate against the general fact that everybody in civilized life can profit by an occasional fast of proper duration." Dr. H.M. Shelton. His "DEDICATION" to the book reads: "To the whole human race, in the firm conviction that its contents will be instrumental in relieving much of the suffering that abounds at every turn and will point the way to better health to all those who apply its principles, this book is affectionately dedicated."

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"Fasting for Renewal of Life"

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