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Dear GetWell Girls & Guys!

Since I wrote the previous "BEAUTY BOOK EXCERPTS," I have spent many an hour with Dr. Shelton's Human Beauty Its Culture and Hygiene. A great deal of work was involved in getting a master copy for reproduction. The book, with 1,039 pages was so thick, it was difficult to copy. (It would have been 5 times easier if the spine on the big book could have been cut off, of course.) I have personally lifted and examined each of the 1,039 pages 3 times, examining the work that Office Depot employees did. And I made them do over 2/3 of the book! It was not a fun job for them. But I have to tell you, I enjoyed the work. For it provided an elongated opportunity for me to skim the entire book 3 times. Intrigued, I stopped to read sections many times during my inspection. And because of this, I am now even more excited about making this rare and most important book on BEAUTY available to you!

Although Dr. Shelton is talking about "human beauty," he does spend well more than half his copy space on the female gender. But the book does not create a market for the women only! For what man would not like to see the women and little girls in his circle of loved ones grow up to be the most beautiful GENUINELY BEAUTIFUL, NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHFULLY BEAUTIFUL they can be? And what woman would not want the same for herself and her loved ones? Dear GetWell Girls and Guys You Have Got To... Got To... Got To... Get Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK!

What I did not tell you previously is that this book is not only dedicated to Dr. Vetrano: "To Virginia Vetrano, whose rare beauty inspired, and whose able assistance was instrumental in producing it, this book is affectionately dedicated by The Author." But this book is filled with pictures of "Virginia." Here, you will see a side to a young, gorgeous, glamorous, playful, high-stepping, saucy-stuff Virginia like you have never seen! She is pictured in her evening gowns and show girl costumes and exercise fashions of the day. And the photocopies of the pictures have come out amazingly well! I have not stopped to tally up all the places she is featured: at least 40. And along with Virginia as

an example of "rare human beauty," you will be given photos of the Ava Gardeners of the day and photos of great beauty in paintings and sculptures throughout history. My first book review just did not do Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK justice. And I wanted to add this last minute review!

Let me end with Dr. Shelton's last paragraph of the book: "If I am successful in awakening women to a realization of the enormity of the crimes which they are now committing against themselves and their offspring, by their present "beauty" practices and by their persistent neglect of the vital factors of living that, alone, form a valid foundation of a true beauty culture, this book shall not have been written in vain. If women may be induced to cease hiding their true selves and to cease the employment of camouflage and to stop pretending to be what they are not, if they can be induced to look life squarely in the face and to learn the true needs of their body and mind, if they can be induced to forget the chains of the bondage in which they have been held so long, and to be behave like free and wise and responsible women, the enormous amount of labor and time that have gone into the writing and production of this book will not have been wasted. The need of woman is true beauty, not sham beauty. The desire of men is that women shall be beautiful, not that they shall mask their imperfections to create an "illusion of beauty." For wives, they want real women, not girdles, foam rubber, and paint. Meditate, Gentle Woman, upon the facts and principles presented in this book. And let your own innate intelligence guide you in your use of them."

Dear GetWellers... In closing, let me assure you that Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK does not cater to vanity or to a spirit of Jezebel! It is not about "beauty for the sake of vain glory." It is not about looking beautiful as a means to gain power or be better able to manipulate or intimidate others. Rather, Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK is for Superlative Health Seekers who want it all! The in depth discussion of all those topics listed on the order form will give you such an appreciation for the whole idea of being your most radiantly healthy and radiantly beautiful, you will be in awe, and your breath will be taken away, as you read. Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK will be one of the very most inspiring.

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