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Dearest GetWell Friends

Here you have Dr. Shelton's greatest, most detailed work, most challenging Shelton reading. 35 topics are listed in "The Table of Contents." The beginning student of Hygiene will perhaps find this awesome book of small print and no graphics difficult reading. But those of you who have mastered the teachings of the easy-to-read Health Seekers' YearBook are now ready to take on the study of Dr. Shelton's mightiest work! You are ready to further your education with the most classic of all classics in Natural Hygiene!

Since Issues #1 & #2 of Common Health Sense, we have seen 1 dream I have long-held for Health Seekers come true: the availability of Dr. Shelton's famous 7-Volume Set The Hygienic System. I remember traveling to San Antonio in 1976 for my very first and formal introduction to Natural Hygiene as a specific system of healing. The 7-Volume Set was still available then, at least I went home with 2 of the volumes, paid $10.oo or $15.oo each for them. But even those 7 Volumes were not considered his "most grand" of works. And although Fasting Can Save Your Life is his biggest seller, it was not his "grandest," either! For your fullest introduction to Natural Hygiene as... "The Superlative of All The Alternatives," I urge you to get... "Dr. Shelton's grAndest!"

Chapter Titles Follow:

1. Health Its Conditions and Requirements

2. The Laws of Life

3. Living Matter Cures Itself

4. Is Disease Friend or Foe?

5. Early Orthopathic Ideas of Disease

6. Acute Disease as a Curative Process

7. Self-Limited Disease

8. The Rationale of


9. The Rationale of Fever

10.Life's Engineering

11. Physiological Compensation

12. Life's Strategic Retreat

13. The Rationale of Crisis

14. Acute Disease Not a Radical Cure

15. Unity of Disease and


16. Causes of Disease and Germs and Perversions

17. The Development of Disease

18. Feeding

19. Fasting

20. Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep


21. Sunshine and Sun Baths

22. Physical Exercise

23. The Mind in Health and Disease

24. The Stimulant Delusion

25. Conditions of Cure

26. The Hygiene of Health

27. The Hygiene of Acute


28. The Hygiene of Chronic


29. Care of Wounds

30. The Place of Art

31. The Passing of Plagues

32. Ideas of Suppression

33. Suppression of Disease

and Its Results

34. The Delusion of Cure

35. Criticism of the Hypothesis

of Therapeutics

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CHOICE #1: Victoria, please send me ____ copies of HUMAN LIFE ITS PHILOSOPHIES & LAWS in a 3-ring binder and by Dr. Shelton. FULL RETAIL IS $55.oo. Use this coupon & GetWell pays the postage.

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Remember: "physiological" = bodily & "orthopathy" = the study of the correction of a diseased condition

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