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Scattered Excerpts from Chapter XXVII:

"The Premature Fading of Beauty"


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Get Dr. Shelton's BEAUTY BOOK!!!

Scattered Excerpts from Chapter XXVII:

"The Premature Fading of Beauty"


Kingdoms may crumble and crowns fall, but the melody of the songs we sing to enduring beauty will resound through the ages. Alas! Beauty is all too often an evanescent gleam of celestial radiance, rather than the enduring glory it should be. The oft tragic, fleeting quality of beauty serves to remind us afresh that there is something radically wrong with our ways of life. That the abuse of beauty can prove "more acidly destructive than vitriol," there is a wealth of history to confirm.

Many women, of whom Piana of Poitiers and Ninon de l'Inclos are outstanding examples, have retained their beauty and youthful appearance to a very advanced period of life. Instead of presenting a shriveled and withered appearance, they seemed to grow in beauty as they grew in years. Today, there are many women past fifty, glowing, radiant, and blooming, with a freshness of complexion and beauty of outline refreshing to behold. The existence of many such women, although they are relatively few, indicates that the early fading of youthfulness and youthful beauty is not the normal order of female development.

Why does feminine beauty so frequently fade early? Why does youthfulness flee away, even before the woman is fully matured? Beauty and youthfulness are lost with a loss of health. Women exchange their health, therefore their youthfulness and beauty, for the bad habits and false conditions that undermine cellular integrity. Beauty is of the body and not apart from it. It is good health that paints the roses of beauty in the cheeks and lights its fire in the eyes. Beauty seems to be such a fragile flower, even though its basic foundation is such an enduring thing, because women wreck their health by ways of life that violate the laws of life. Strength, youth, beauty, energy, efficiency, influence, attractiveness, longevity are all the facets of the diamond of health. To have health makes all these possible each transmits the central light.

So unnatural and unhealthful is our present mode of living that, genuinely good health is rare, while fullness of development is almost non-existent. Health is built and maintained by the same HYGIENIC factors air, food, water, sunshine, warmth, exercise, rest, sleep, cleanliness, joy, and happiness that build blood, bone, and muscle. Without health, there can be no satisfactory beauty. Far be it from me to say that the early fading of the bloom of youth and premature appearance of aging are always due to dietetic errors, but faulty diet is at the bottom of much of it. Natural food, particularly an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, are, in the final analysis "the beautifiers." These "paint

the cheeks" from the inside, keep your lips kissable, your face radiant, your hair glossy, and your breath sweet. No rouge and no lipstick can rival these in producing the beauty that belongs to genuine health.

Only a perverted taste can admire a pale, sentimental look and a weak, sickly body. Only a fanatical ascetic can find spirituality in sickness. Vestal virgins may be squint-eyed, and saints may be enuchs, but the world needs men and women of physical integrity. These rest upon superior nutrition for which white bread, demineralized and devitaminized cereals, white sugar, denatured syrups, pasteurized milk, embalmed flesh, pastries, cakes, pies, candies, pickles, preserved foods, fried foods, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, soda fountain slops, ice cream, cigarettes, beer, etc., constitute the poorest kinds of materials. These substances may be truly said to be "the uglifiers." No woman who values her health and her appearance can afford to indulge in such substances.

Loss of beauty follows loss of health. The tissues sag from loss of tone. Flabby, shapeless lines take the place of firm curves. The flesh degenerates into soft, water-logged fat or, else, wastes away. The eyes lose their sparkle. The warm glow of abundant vitality ceases to shine. The freshness of youth disappears. Beauty fades, and attractiveness goes with it. Flabbiness of the face, sagging of the tissues, drooping of the eyelids, sagging of the corners of the mouth and the cheeks so fatal to beauty are due to a lack of tonicity in the muscles of the face, which is due, in turn, to a lack of health and energy. Loss of beauty is a warning it is a sure sign of a failing organism. It means a loss of cellular integrity, loss of resistance, impairment of glands, increased strain on heart, liver and kidneys, blood deficiency, lack of energy, decreased functioning power or vigor in short, it means the body is no longer able to meet the demands of life.

We see great numbers of women, who eat rationally and avoid devitalizing habits, who maintain their youthfulness and beauty long after conventional livers have faded and forgotten their youthful beauty. In great numbers of cases, we observe a restoration of a measure of youthfulness and a return of the sparkle of the eyes, smoothness and freshness to the skin, color to the cheeks and animation to the countenance. Other evidences of returning health and youthfulness accompany these evidences of the benefits of a better diet. When we observe drooping eyelids and sagging cheeks return to their youthful condition as health returns, we know that the building and maintenance of health not only preserves, but that it restores beauty!

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