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The Dr. Shelton Works! Part 2

A GetWellStayWell Library of Shelton Tapes

"A Health Seekers' Education!"



104 The Glorious Drainage Processes of The Body!·"Life is The Master Drama of Nutrition and Drainage under the control of the nervous system!" Dr. Shelton urges us to recognize the unity of all path-ology as Enervation and checked elimination drainage that leads to Toxemia... to recognize the evolution of disease from the simple cold to complex cancer... and to start early with a mode of living that eliminates the cause of Enervation so as to avoid all diseases that plague Americans today! Dr. Shelton lectures specifically and intensely on the "drainage-elimination-detoxification" processes of our marvelous bodies. Never has the all-importance of keeping Nerve Energy high with The 10 Energy Enhancers been more eloquently emphasized! Dr. Shelton inspires us to see clearly our mistakes in Energy Robbing choices and inspires us to change for the sake of those glorious drainage processes within our bodies!

105 What, When & Why to Eat & How to EatWell!·Here are 2 essential teachings. Lesson #1: Eat such foods as guarantee that you receive all of the necessary, nutritive elements in adequate quantities and proper combinations. Lesson #2: Eat under such conditions of mind and body and in such manner so as to assure the highest degree of efficiency in digestion. The entire lecture lays out what, when, why, and how to EatWell for optimum digestion! From emotional distress to compulsive overeating to fatigue to the mastication process to exercise schedules to fever to physical pain to hunger pangs to sleeping schedules to drinking with meals to companionship with meals to ensalivation to moderation to raw food to cooked food to order of foods taken to juice diets to enemas... Learn to EatWell!

106 Drugs, Diseases & Doctors!·"We are finally beginning to doubt the credibility of the profession which, after 2500 years, cannot cure the simplest of diseases, like the common cold, or the most complex, like cancer!" Dr. Shelton explains how the evolution of formidable, degenerative disease begins with the initial breakdown of the organism and the simple, toxemic conditions such as constipation or a cold in infancy. He addresses constipation extensively as an example of a simple, acute disease. "If we can grasp the fact that disease is an evolutionary process from simple and acute to formidable and degenerative and that the latter, chronic disease takes many, many years to develop, we can then grasp that Getting Well is an evolutionary process in reverse!" This lecture is full of cautions and encouragements for Hygienic living to prevent even the simplest of disease symptoms, since they are the inevitable precursors to chronic degeneration and systemic breakdown! Hear Dr. Shelton speak from The Revolutionist's Platform: he exposes


drugs as disease-producing, death-dealing poisons and the doctors simply as technicians skilled in the art of administering these poisons. Doctors of The Medical Mentality know nothing about disease! Shelton lays out so many arguments supported by case histories that the listener must question The Medical Model of disease! Natural Hygiene, by way of comparison, presents man's pristine way of living by which we can regain and maintain normal soundness and wholeness.

Next are "The Original Classics."

These 4 tapes are each 1 hour long.

107 The Master Drama of Life!·"Your life is 'A Master Drama' under the control of your nervous system!" Hear Dr. Shelton bring the excitement that is within a healthy you and the health that you can create in your body together in this magnificent classic!

108 Toxemia & Its Results·You studied about it in Toxemia Explained by Dr. J.H. Tilden. Now listen to it from Dr. Shelton. Toxemia as The Second Stage of Disease after Enervation and as "The One and Basic Cause of All Disease" is clearly laid out for The Health Seeker to understand and act wisely to avoid.

109 How to GetWell & StayWell!·You will never tire of hearing Dr. Shelton explain how to create robust health and strength and how to avoid that which befalls all non-Hygienists! Share this tape with a Health Seeker Friend.

110 The Proper Ideal Foods & Their Preparation·Learn from Dr. Shelton more and more about The Ideal Diet.

This last tape is a special, 1 hour production put together by Everett Weibert for GetWellHStayWell, America!

111 Introduction to Natural Hygiene·This tape is a collection of the best "Introductions to Natural Hygiene" from the Weibert collection of over 60 Dr. Shelton lectures on tape. Each time Dr. Shelton would give a basic introduction to Hygiene in his many lectures, Everett clipped it onto this special tape. Here you find teachings, stories, vignettes, case histories, and admonitions all of which serve to introduce you to the foundational concepts of Hygiene. Here is the finest, spoken "Introduction to Natural Hygiene" ever made! Dr. Shelton: "If I can make you understand: there never was a disease acute or chronic that was not the logical, evolutionary outgrowth of causes almost all of which lie within your own, voluntary control I will have placed in your hands a knowledge that will save you much future suffering and expense and that will also lengthen and enrich your life by years!

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