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"I will bring clarity out of chaos! I will resuscitate a dying movement. I will rebuild and synthesize the system of Hygiene. Principles that are forgotten will be refurbished. A whole literature will be salvaged! I will fan its glowing embers into a fierce flame!" He changed the title of this first book to An Introduction to Natural Hygiene. Dr. Shelton continues post-graduate work at Peerless College of Chiropractic in Illinois and an internship at Crandall Health School in Pennsylvania.

1924 Bernarr, a son, is born to Herbert and Ida.

1925 Dr. Shelton becomes a staff member of Macfadden's Physical Culture magazine, a periodical with 1,000,000 circulation. Shelton ghost writes for Macfadden. He co-founds a magazine, How to Live, with G.R. Clements, N.D.; but it folds. And he writes a daily column for the New York Evening Graphic: his writing criticizes medical treatment and arouses public controversy.

1927 Dr. Shelton has become, in past years, an avid student of Emerson and Thoreau, The Transcendentalists. During this time, his studies of religion, philosophy, and ethics and reason lead him away from Biblical, Scriptural wisdom; and he declares himself an "agnostic." When asked if he believes in God, he simply says: "Nobody knows!" Dr. Vetrano reports that he loved The Lord when he was young and at home with his parents. And that he really knew his Scripture is evident when you read all the Biblical allusions in his articles for Dr. Shelton's Hygiene Review. Sometimes whole articles are centered around Scripture. And at times, he would used Scripture to prove his point, to support his stance. Yet at other times, he would quote Scripture and then twist it around in a sarcastic way to show how ridiculous it was. Dr. Vetrano reports that when Shelton studied all the other schools of thought on religion, his strong, Christian roots were pulled up by the voices of reason and logic in these other schools. His second son was named "Walden," in honor of Thoreau's pond of inspiration in the woods.

At this time in 1927, Dr. Shelton is already being harassed in his Hygienic practice by advocates of The Medical Mentality and by the police. In 1927, Dr. Shelton is jailed for the first time for "practicing medicine without a license" and is fined $100.oo. This same year of 1927, a second arrest takes place, under similar circumstances and with charges of $300.oo. His money is so tight this second time, he has to borrow to be released. Also, in 1927, the New York Evening Graphic lets Dr. Shelton go because he will not co-operate with their advertisement policies and insists on running an anti-smoking article. Still, during this time, Dr. Shelton's Hygienic practice grows; he is respected and admired for his efforts. The third arrest also occurs, all in New York, for "practicing medicine without a licence." The great irony is that Dr. Shelton would never "practice medicine"! Still, that is what the authorities call it when someone tells people how to live, how to sleep, how to eat, and how not to take medicines!

1928 Herbert, Ida, Bernarr, and Walden move to San Antonio, Texas, where they will open and close 7 schools, all named, "Dr. Shelton's Health School." The first, holds 12 guests. Eight others are operating in The United States, but none offer Pure Hygiene. In 1928, Dr. Shelton publishes Human Life Its Philosophy & Laws, wherein he gives special credit to Sylvester Graham and Doctors Graham, Trall, Jennings, Walker, and Page, and to the other Pioneering Hygienists.

1929 Daughter Willodeen is born to Herbert and Ida Shelton. The Great Depression hits, and The Sheltons struggle to make ends meet. It is a struggle that will be with them always.

1931 Dr. Shelton's 9th book is published: The Hygienic Care of Children. For the last several years, Dr. Shelton has been active lecturing at colleges in Texas and in Texas hotels. The general public is enthusiastic, sympathetic, and appreciative to hear Dr. Shelton's Health Message. Dr. Shelton is developing a following.

1932 Dr. Shelton is offered 8 times the salary he will make that year by a radio station if he will just promote a laxative at the end of his program. Of course, he refuses. His wife has turned into a worker of

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