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observer, on a subtle level, this imagery is giving homage and worship to lesser gods and is making a statement that is decidedly New Age or Old Age or anti-Christ! In any event, such a cover does not glorify God. T.C. picked up Shelton's penchant fro Hygeia and used her to his dying day to promote the paper Shelton College. There she is to be found alive and well one breast bared from her gown, smiling, and stepping daintily toward all who care to give her attention.) The new and forever final Dr. Shelton's Health School is equipped to take 40 fasters and has separate sun solariums for nude sunbathing. By Dr. Shelton's 64th birthday, he had supervised 30,000 fasts and published over 30 books and booklets. Among Health Seekers of the alternative bent, he is known around the world for his Health Revolution efforts.

1961 Dr. Shelton publishes Rubies in the Sand.

1964 is "the 25th ANNIVERSARY" of Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review . Pages xx - xx bring you the actual anniversary copy of that review, almost in its entirety and enlarged by 17% so that you may have a souvenir copy of Dr. Shelton's actual Reviews.

1965 Vivian Virginia Vetrano is now Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano D.C., and she chooses to work full time at Dr. Shelton's Health School. In time, she will study in Mexico and also become recognized as an M.D.

1968 Dr. Shelton publishes Man's Pristine Way of Life.

1970 T.C. Fry discovers Natural Hygiene, as told in Common Health Sense Issue #3. At a time when Dr. Shelton's health is failing and his Health Torch is fading, T.C. enters the picture to do that which Dr. Shelton never tried: play "The Bulk Mail Game!" Once T.C. is up and running with his magazines and as long as Dr. Shelton is putting out The Review and has the School, Shelton advertises The Review and School in T.C.'s literature. Shelton's articles and ads, thus, frequently appear in Fry's publications. For reasons I have never pursued to discover, however, Fry articles and advertisements are never seen in Dr. Shelton's literature!

By 1972 Dr. Shelton is bedridden for the rest of his life. The symptoms of what the medical world term "Parkinson's disease" have claimed the strong motor skills of Dr. Shelton's once muscular and vibrant body. The workaholism of his lifetime finally takes its toll. The myelin sheath that surrounds and protects the nerves of the body can wear out. The subjective experience is lack of motor control. Muscles atrophy, waste away. Strength is lost. Movement is difficult. Uncontrollable shakes appear, especially in the hands. Dr. Shelton's drive to help The People with every ounce of Nerve Energy he had, his love for Hygiene and his contempt for The Disease Industrialists combined, worked for you and me and The People and against him. What must he have been thinking? Surely, he knew where all that lack of "Energy Enhancers #4: Rest & Sleep" over the decades was going to take him! Why would he drive himself like that when he knew, better than all The Health Seekers in the world, where it would take him?!?!? Only if you have a compulsive/addictive personality yourself, can you begin to understand a drive like this! Like T.C. Fry, Dr. Shelton certainly was not practicing "Proverbial Wisdom." Sweet sleep, in big doses, could have saved Dr. Shelton from riding out his life from his bed another 13 years. Back in his 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s, Dr. Shelton would have had to take another 4 to 6 hours a day for rest and sleep. How many books would not have been written? How many lectures not given? How many phone calls not made? How many Hygienic Reviews not published? How many patients not supervised? The tangled web he weaved for himself when he deceived himself all those years ended up making him a deathbed cocoon from which he could not rise. Dr. Shelton was left with legs that could not walk, left with hands that could not write, and left with vocal cords that could not speak. All for the sake of The Cause. Where, pray tell, Dear GetWell Friends, is the wisdom in that?

1974 Dr. Shelton publishes Fasting for Renewal of Life. This marks the end of Dr. Shelton's handwriting

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