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Human Beauty Its Culture & Hygiene Published in 1958 1,039 Pages!

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

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Of all the Dr. Shelton I have studied, none of his works could be called "FUN!" His writing is usually angry, judgemental, and impassioned. But Beauty is definitely "FUN!" as Hygienic writing goes, at any rate! And more inspiring than anything I have ever read by Shelton! "Fun!" and "inspiring!" because he gives the reader so much she or he can do to become healthier and more beautiful! He gives us a huge dose of hope and practical procedures! And the focus is not on disease but on beauty through wellness! Plus, the book is filled with several dozen photographs, MOST of which are of Dr. Vetrano (to whom the book is dedicated)in her youth as a showgirl and a beauty. Other photos are of paintings and sculptures from centuries past that typify beauty. You get so much history from Dr. Shelton about the evolution of societal ideas on beauty it is fascinating! This is Shelton at his beautiful best!

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1. What Is Beauty?

2. Beauty Universal

3. The Desire for Beauty

4. The Attack upon Beauty

5. The Curse of Prudery

6. Appreciation of Beauty

7. Race and Beauty

8. Fashions in Women

9. The Meaning of Beauty

10. The Meaning of Ugliness

11. Substitutes for Beauty

12. Physical Excellence

13. The Elements of Beauty

14. The Ideals of The Greeks

15. Male & Female Figures

16. The Beautiful Female Figure

17. The Breasts of Woman

18. Face 19. Eyes 20. Voice

21. Woman's Crowning Glory

22. Beauty of Parts

23. Savouriness

24. The Death of Female Beauty

25. Normal Weight

26. Finding Greatest Beauty

27. Premature Fading of Beauty

28. Preservation of Womanhood

29. Age and Beauty

30. Beautiful Women

31. The Ideal Woman

32. Masculine Beauty

33. Professional Beauty

34. Brain, Brawn & Beauty

35. Beauty: a Means of Selection

36. Beauty & Marriage

37. Cultivation of Beauty

38. Health & Beauty

39. Care of Children & Babies

40. Eating for Beauty

41. The Breath of Life

42. The Water of Life 43. Sunshine & Beauty

44. The Intellect & Emotions

45. Rest & Sleep

46. Physical Activity & Beauty

47. Bathing & Cleanliness

48. The Skin & Its Care

49. The Complexion & Its Care

50. Care of the Hair

51. Care of the Teeth

52. Care of the Face

53. Care of the Breasts

54. Posture, Poise & Grace

55. Underweight How to Gain

56. Overweight & Reducing

57. Citizens of Heaven

58. The Destroyers of Beauty

59. Poison Habits

60. Made Beauty

61. Clothing, Dress, Fashion

62. Perfumes 63. Cosmetics

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