The Hygienic System Volume VII Orthopathy Hygienic Care of Specific Disease

By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton · 1941

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Dearest GetWell Friends Dr. Shelton published a 7-Volume Set entitled "The Hygienic System" throughout the 1930s, and 40s. The Volumes were presented in maroon, hardbound books. GetWell offers Volumes I and II, now republished by The Florida People. Volumes III, IV, V, VI, and VII are presently available at The GetWellHStayWell, America! Website. Volume VI explains the genesis of the disease process in the human body. Volume VII uses the previous 6 volumes as its foundation and introduces "BIOGNY" "the struggle of life" and then provides the Hygienic care of the various "affections" or disease symptoms for the various conditions listed below in the chapter titles. Now, in Volumes VI and VII, you have a reference set for virtually any disease process that besets anyone in your circle of friends. And you may show these materials fto him for his careful consideration before he opts for The Medical Route and its Dead End. Volume VII is appropriately dedicated to... Dr. J.H. Tilden.

Chapter Titles Follow:

1. Fallacy of Cure

2. Basic Knowledge Needed

3. Criticisms

4. Hygiene of Dynamic Biogony

5. Hygiene of Adynamic Biogny

6. Special Biognies ("struggles of life")

7. Acute Infections

8. Constitutional Affections

9. Affections of the Digestive Organs

10. Affections of the Respiratory System

11. Affections of the Heart & Circulatory


12. Affections of the Blood

13. Affections of the Ductless Glands

14. Affections of the Urinary System


15. Affections of the Reproductorium

16. Affections of the Brain/Nervous System

17. Affections of the Muscles

18. Affections of the Bones & Joints

19. Affections of the Eyes

20. Affections of the Ears

21. Affections of the Skin

22. Tumors

23. Cancer

24. Affections Due to Parasites

25. Affections Due to Physical Agents

& Intoxicants

26. Care of Wounds

27. Bites & Stings

28. Accidents & Emergencies

CHOICE #1: Victoria, please send me ____ copies of The Hygienic System, Volume VII, Orthopathy The Correction of Specific Diseases by Dr. Shelton as described: enlarged print, photocopied, in a 3-ring notebook. FULL "BOOKLIST" RETAIL PRICE IS $60.oo.

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"AFFECTIONS" those disease symptoms which can affect the body or have an effect on some area of the body.

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