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Common Health Sense both Issues #3 & #4 done... done... done. This was an oxymoron in progress, a "work vacation," the success of which would determine if GetWellHStayWell, America! would keep going strong into 2001 or falter.

For most GetWell Friends, The CLOUD PLEDGES of 6 months were fulfilled. And although many of you continued your monthly help beyond the 6 months THANK God! and although the situation at The Barn was much better, I was concerned about paying the bills until the other Big Irons I had in the fire got hot enough to make their marks!

And SO, I was doubly motivated! First, simply to get both Issues out to you all to fulfill my responsibility to you all. And second, to make both Issues so useful and so inspirational and so delightful that all now 525 of you would sit down right away and write out renewals for Issues #5 & #6. With these renewals, #5 & #6 would go out 4 times a year in 2001 and have some left over, after printing and postage, to pay on-going bills. Plus, I had 3 other Big Irons in the fire. #1 an 80-page News Bulletin, scheduled for February, to go to #1 & #2 Subscribers who had not renewed #3 & #4 and to 3,000 GetWell Friends who had never received even #1 & #2. In it, I could make an offer for all 6 Issues these could not refuse! #2 "The Right Website for Natural Hygiene" "wwwgetwellstaywellamerica.com" is scheduled to open early in 2001 and promises to bring Natural Hygiene to Health Seekers, with many gift pages of information, inspiration, recipes, and fun, and all leading to a purchase of The Health Seekers' YearBook and Common Health Sense. And #3 The Victory Wagon, now licensed and insured, would finally go out to see you GetWell Friends and to bring "God's 'Little Blessings' Business Cards" to The People and gift, introductory literature, and gatherings and interviews on how to GetWell & StayWell without drug and doctor dependency to The People. The plan is, of course, to bring media attention to Natural Hygiene and a YearBook contract to The Barn, with these Victory Wagon Travels. With income from #5 & #6 renewals from you all and business stirred up from these 3 Big Irons in the fire, I had great hopes to not only keep the bills paid, but bring fresh, new inspiration and "The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene" to The Health Seekers across America!

And so, until the night of October 11th, I was deeply motivated and deeply into the lives and deaths of T.C. Fry and Dr. H.M. Shelton and all the good they had accomplished in their lifetimes. It may sound





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a tall, lean, young man with no cigarette in his hand! He and his brother and sister jumped up and down for the job. So they hopped into the convertible, and we drove away! I kept the 3 of them busy for 7 hours! At the end of that 7 hours, I was exhausted from supervising their endless stream of projects. But oh! The Progress! From July until October, every few days, Matt, became my steady helper.

Still for my knees, it was... "The Worst of Times." I so hated spending your donation money on work I could do myself. I was getting the orders out. But I was so tired, and my knees hurt so. I did not even go swimming once all summer of 2000. It was "The Summer of Office Max," as I traveled to the Max store every day, taking advantage of their 1¢ a page photocopy sale, that then went to 2¢ a page and then to 3¢ a page. Their prices were, along with your orders and donations, saving GetWell for posterity!

So, I ignored the knee pain, except for the nights, when I could not sleep. And I was exhausted all summer. I visited High often throughout the day, but I never went riding once. I gave my summer to The Great American Health Revolution so encouraged by all of you! But still, I was not getting that period to work UNINTERRUPTED to get #3 & #4 done. And although the $6,000 to get The Victory Wagon licensed, tax covered, and insured had been miraculously handled, I had not taken it out to The People, either. Then, came October 1st.

My spot in the log cabin in The Wilderness of Canada, just a day's drive away, was waiting. There, I would finish Common Health Sense #3 & #4. After a slow and powerful, 15-hour drive in The Wilderness Wagon, with Victor Bidwell's Cadillac engine pulling me and HighJoy to my friend's J & N Trail Ride Ranch, we mosied on up the long, dusty driveway on the morning of October 1st. The Cadillac engine was a dream-come-true! The amount of power available turned The Wilderness Wagon into a cruiser. But I was surprised to see it use as much gas as The Victory Wagon! Of course, I was pulling a loader trailer.

Immediately, I put High in his corral and unpacked and set up the Common Health Sense #3 & #4 office in the cabin. Still warm from summer's end, early fall gloried with rusts, oranges, yellows, reds, and browns! The Wilderness always takes my breath away! At last! I could work uninterrupted. I could go home with #3 & #4 ready to put on the presses. And although I would put in a 2 or 3 hour water workout before I got on the computer and a 2 or 3 hour ride before sundown each day, I was there, not for re-creation or weight-loss or healing, but to get


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