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VEGAN book is put out by one of America's leading manufacturers of soy products.

Incredible Edibles! · Eriann Hullquist · $17.oo · 142 pages · paperback · These highly edible, VEGAN recipes are original to the author, not traditional repeats, and have been tested and tasted by the author's family!

Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook · Gentle World Community · $23.oo · 304 pages · paperback · A UNIQUE BOOK FOR ANIMAL LOVERS! Here are over 500 recipes, plus all the "whys" and "hows" of vegan living.

Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey · Karen Davis · $13.oo · 286 pages · paperback · Let the birds roam free! Here are over 100 NO-egg and NO-dairy, VEGAN recipes that convert many traditional poultry and egg dishes into satisfying the taste buds without exploiting the birds!

Judy Brown's Guide to Natural Foods Cooking · $11.oo · 160 pages · paperback · Find here 200 VEGAN recipes featuring whole grains, legumes, veggies, fruits. Many macrobiotic dishes included.

LIGHTEN UP! · Louise Hagler · $12.oo · 159 pages · paperback · Lighten UP on ingredients from The Standard American Diet, preparing from these over 130 tasty, VEGAN, satisfying recipes, guaranteed easy-to-prepare!

Lorna Sass' Complete Vegetarian Kitchen · $16.oo · 492 pages · paperback · Practice making delicious, VEGAN recipes from over 250 given, with an A-Z listing of ingredients also offered.

Lorna Sass' Short-Cut Vegetarian · $16.oo · 162 pages · paperback · Practice short-cut, quick-cooking, satisfying, flavorful, VEGAN meals selecting from these 100 recipes!

Luscious, Low-Fat Desserts · Marie Oser · $13.oo · 124 pages · paperback · Taste bud tantalizing, guilt-free desserts, especially low in fat are featured. And because they are VEGAN, they are completely free of cholesterol!

The Magic of Soy · GeniSoy Products · $10.oo · 128 pages · paperback · Learn the VEGAN recipe secrets of GeniSoy and how to cook healthy using


"soy protein isolate," a powdered soy that contains all the nutrients proven to protect heart disease.

Meatless Burgers · Louise Hagler · $10.oo · 94 pages · paperback · Find here over 50 quick and easy recipes using grains, beans, and veggies to transform America's favorite food the burger into a healthful, vegan handful!

The Meat Lovers' Vegetarian Cookbook · Steven Ferry · $15.oo · 192 pages · paperback · To expand what this title boldly proclaims: "You can enjoy recipes conceived with all the tastes and textures of popular meat and dairy dishes, with the intention of weaning you off SAD, animal products and on to The Vegan so you can get to The Natural Hygiene!"

The Millennium Cookbook · Eric Tucker · $20.oo · 208 pages · paperback · Here is gourmet and artistic, VEGAN cuisine from the chef of the Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco.

The Natural Lunchbox · Judy Brown · $13.oo · 190 pages · paperback · Here are practical, delicious answers to the lunchtime dilemma VEGAN meals for school, work, and home. When you are ready to move on to The Natural Hygiene Diet, turn to GetWell's Brown BagWell & StayWell!

The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook · Louise Hagler · $10.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Make use of over 250 low-fat, VEGAN, zero-cholesterol recipes! Also included are instructions for making tofu and other soy foods.

The No Cholesterol (No Kidding!) Cookbook · Mary Carroll · $20.oo · 276 pages · hardcover · Here is... "The Medically Proven Kitchen Cure" for high cholesterol with over 200 tasty, low-fat, VEGAN, life-saving recipes!

Of These Ye May Freely Eat · JoAnn Rachor · $3.oo · 86 pages · paperback · Probably "The Best Bargain Vegan Cookbook" in print!

The Peaceful Palate · Jennifer Raymond · $15.oo · 159 pages · paperback · This book is considered one of the favorite VEGAN cookbooks: easy, low-fat, and delicious!


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