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back · Some Health Seekers miss their meat so! They miss the texture, the consistency, the flavor. This unique book provides recipes using TVP in all its "meaty textured" glory. "Vegan Meat Recipes" employing the versatile soyfood product.

The Uncheese Cookbook · Joanne Stepaniak · $12.oo · 192 pages · paperback · Cheese Lovers! Attention! Try these vegan substitutions for your cheesey palate! Here are amusing and amazing ways to create non-dairy replacement recipes for your SADly cheesed taste buds!

Vegan Delights · Jeanne Martin · $13.oo · 224 pages · paperback · Here are more than 200 recipes, plus seasonal menus, a nutrient guide for vegans, and complete ingredient substitutions.

The Vegan Gourmet · Susann Hadler · $15.oo · 262 pages · paperback · Gourmet-prepared recipes, let's face it, make us feel so special! And they tend to make us eat more slowly, to savor the flavor more fully, and to enjoy the beauty of the cuisine all the longer! Here are over 100 such recipes!

The Vegan Handbook · Debra Wasserman · $20.oo · 256 pages · paperback · Here are over 200 delicious recipes and meal plans, articles on vegan nutrition, plus a listing of vegetarian resources.

Vegan in Volume · Nancy Berkoff · $20.oo · 272 pages · paperback · Here's a fresh idea! If you are preparing food "in volume," for a group or gathering of people, here are 125 yummy recipes!

The Vegan Kitchen · Freya Dinshah · $10.oo · 96 pages · paperback · I remember T.C. Fry's Healthful Living magazine, focusing on Natural Hygiene, carrying this book and selling tons of them! Here are over 300 fine recipes, completely free of any animal ingredients, whatsoever.

Vegan Vegetarian Cooking · Pam Rotella · $10.oo · 132 pages · paperback · Here are great tasting recipes for those serious about confining their diets to plant foods!

Vegan Vittles · Joanne Stepaniak · $12.oo · 175 pages · paperback · These recipes are inspired by "the critters" and their favorite "vittles" from Farm


Sanctuary in upstate New York.

Vegetarian Cooking for People with Allergies · Raphael Rettner, D.C. · $13.oo · 143 pages · paperback · This chiropractic doctor offers recipes that are "FREE of wheat, egg & dairy." Each recipe indicates other possible allergens that it does not contain in these doctor-decided dishes!

Vegetarian Cooking for People with Diabetes · Patricia LeShane · $11.oo · 143 pages · paperback · For Health Seekers needing to manage their diabetic condition, this cookbook offers VEGAN, eating recipes and enjoyment.

Vegetarian Cooking School Cookbook · Danny Vierra · $12.oo · 119 pages · paperback · This book turns your kitchen into a cooking school and you into a cooking student as you work your way through 156 tested and tasty, vegan recipes.

The Vegetarian, No Cholesterol Family Style Cookbook · Kate Schumann · $10.oo · 147 pages · paperback · This book presents a new, vegan twist on old-fashioned, favorite family recipes.

Veggie Lovers Cookbook · Morty Star · $7.oo · 126 pages · paperback · What a great price for beginners on a budget! Here are over 200 great, vegan recipes!

Well, My Kids Eat It · Therresa Velardi · $9.oo · 85 pages · paperback · Many times, the rest of the family will not eat what the VEGAN cook prepares! They want their SAD food! As the title of this unique book implies, this is a cookbook written with the family in mind and containing recipes that will be appetizing and yummy to even the most finicky eaters and to the kids!

Whole Foods for Whole People · Lucy Fuller · $11.oo · 109 pages · paperback · As the title indicates, this VEGAN book is aimed at one of the Natural Hygiene Principles: "Eat your food whole, that is , with as little processing as possible." Great recipes, with great education.

The Whole Soy Cookbook · Helen Hartung · $16.oo · 221 pages · paperback · Here are 175 delicious, nutritious, VEGAN ways to incorporate soy products into your diet featuring tofu, tempeh, and other forms of this versatile, money-saving bean!


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