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The Vegetarian Lunchbasket · Linda Haynes · $13.oo · 198 pages · paperback · Fill your picnic baskets and lunch boxes with any of 225 easy, yummy, nutritious recipes for the Health Seekers in your family. The book also offers 60 satisfying sandwich combinations!

Vegetarian Pasta · Rose Elliot · $18.oo · 144 pages · paperback · Pasta Lovers can take advantage of 150 easy-to-follow recipes in this beautifully illustrated book.

Vegetarian Pleasures · Karen Mangum · $20.oo · 160 pages · paperback · A unique idea to feed us with the changing seasons of the year, this book reflects the varied moods and events of the seasons by presenting 6 complete menus for each of the 4 seasons, plus 60 spectacular, full-color photos!

Vegetarian Sandwiches · Paulette Mitchell · $17.oo · 132 pages · paperback · Hand-hold your meals! Choose from over 50 recipes for delicious sandwich meals that offer a quick-fix for On-the-Go People!

Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons · Nava Atlas · $14.oo · 164 pages · paperback · Soups that hit the spot! This imaginative, soul-satisfying collection of soups suit every taste, any season of the year. The soups are all low in fat and hearty in flavor!

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · $30.oo · 506 pages · paperback · You have probably seen the Vegetarian Times magazine and viewed all their breath-taking photos of recipes over the years. Here you get over 600 delicious and healthy recipes, plus much more, including cooking techniques and a glossary of vegetarian ingredients.

Vegetarian Times Cookbook · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · 318 pages · paperback · Here is a collection of 400 of their best cuisines ethnic specialties, wholesome desserts, quick and balanced meals.

Vegetarian Times Low-Fast & Fast · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · $16.oo · 288 pages · paper


back · Choose from 175 low-fat recipes that are FAST and EASY to prepare.

Vegetarian Times Low-Fast & Fast Pasta · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · $16.oo · 193 pages · paperback · Choose from 175 low-fat pasta recipes that can all be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Perfect recipes for adding The Victory Veggie Vittles!

Vegetarian Times Vegetarian Beginner's Guide · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · $13.oo · 181 pages · paperback · The Editors answer all questions in regards to choosing a healthy, vegetarian diet and provide the best of their basic recipes.

Vegetarian Times Vegetariana Entertaining · Editors of the Vegetarian Times · $28.oo · 194 pages · hardcover · Entertain with your choice of 23 delicious, vegetarian menus for your dinner parties and special holiday occasions.

The Y2K Survival Guide & Cookbook · Dorothy Bates · $13.oo · 132 pages · paperback · Make use of recipes for woodstove, fireplace, and campfire cooking. Learn how to store food supplies and get ready for any emergency.




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